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Procol Harum at Aix-en-Provence, 11 March 2005

First review : Steve Felix

Steve Felix, whose band , Everyone, opened for PH in New Jersey in 1971, writes to BtP:

My wife and I were in Cannes on a business trip. I had gotten tickets well in advance for my first-ever rock concert in Europe. We ended up sixth row, dead centre. I have seen Procol Harum since the very, very early days and numerous times. I believe this may have been the best Procol band I have ever, repeat ever, heard.

Why? The positive energy brought to this ensemble by Josh Phillips was very evident to me. I read the notes posted on the website and while I'm not looking for every critical thing, nuance or nose blowing to report I feel it is very accurate. The room was exceptional and the sound very good.

I think that sitting so close to the stage is the reason that I did not hear the subtle organ playing, especially in the first set. I boldly went up to the main soundboard and mentioned that I was missing that part of the mix.  The main mixer seemed to take my comments with a 'F*ck
you J*ck' kind of attitude. However, for some reason or another, in the second set the organ was more 'there'.

Some observations re. the set list and notes posted

I took away many more feelings but no photos or any other stuff. I had a premonition and 'called' Shine on Brightly to start the second set. I thought for some reason that they would play Still There'll be More but was mistaken. I did call a good friend, longtime musical collaborator and PH fan in the states and had him listen to his favorite new PH song: Shadowboxed on my mobile phone. He should have been here and I think he and I need to see these boys one time together in Europe in hopefully as special a venue as the one in Aix. It was a grand night.

Thanks, Steve

Procol at Aix-en-Provence

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