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Procol and Palers at Lejre, Denmark (6)

Pictures from our Danish host, Henrik Gøttrup

Procol Harum have arrived at the Palers' Revels, and night is falling. Two shots here suffered from malexposure, but retain
interesting details: note the merriment of, among others, Chris Cooke, Procol's manager, as Jens makes his speech.
Through that window lies the kitchen

Roland at the microphone welcoming Gary, who spoke very warmly (often in French) about the music we were about to hear

Karsten Overgaard, at the back with the beer-glass, also made a very brief appearance at the Sunday party;
on the right, Roberto Alcantara who had come all the way from Mexico

The music starts: Pandora's Box: Peter Clare reprises the flute solo, on Bb trumpet,
that he played at the first-ever Palers' Convention, in 2000, aged 14

Beyond the audience here is the VIP Room, from which Procol members watched the band as they
sampled Helle's buffet (after their official aftershow meal at Ledreborg)

Just in front of Peter you can see the seated Gary Brooker applauding

A change of guitars to the left. Peter is ready at the drums, Ian poised at the back on harpsi-synth, for the very
start of Look to Your Soul ...  Martine still onstage with the flute she played on Held Close ...

After In Held, Procol Harum themselves took the stand for three numbers. A profusion of cameras appears

Geoff amuses Matt by exhibiting a sign he has found on each Paler music-stand, reminding the players
to vary their dynamics, and vainly exhorting them to smile as they play!

Gary Shepard, lately dubbed 'Shep' by the Commander, gets up to make some guitar-amp adjustments for Geoff.
how Geoff relied on Gary's guitar for the Procol show earlier in the day

Read all about the Ledreborg concert and the Palers' Revels here Procol dates in 2006

More pictures from the same series and the same camera

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