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Welcome to the Palers' Revels

A few last-minute reminders for people coming to Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and half an hour's drive or train-ride from where the Palers will gather. People coming by air will fly into Copenhagen airport.

Ledreborg is the name of a castle where the Procol Harum concert will take place

Domus Felix is the name of the place where the Palers' Revels will be held after the Procol Harum concerts Saturday and Sunday.
The address is Bygaden 20, Lejre
Lejre is a small village where both Ledreborg (Procol Harum concert) and Domus Felix (Palers' Revels) are located.

Roskilde is a city where the Palers' Basecamp Hotel is.
There is no accommodation in Lejre, and Roskilde is also the place to go shopping.
Roskilde is about 10 kilometres from Lejre, and half-an-hour's drive from Copenhagen.

Scandic Roskilde
Is the Palers' Basecamp hotel. Address: Søndre Ringvej 33, Roskilde


From Copenhagen to Roskilde
There is a train connection from Copenhagen airport to Roskilde via Copenhagen central station. You should be able to get from the airport to Roskilde in less than an hour. The basecamp hotel is a few minutes' walk from Roskilde station. Ask the locals for directions. Or take a taxi if you have much luggage.

From Basecamp hotel (Roskilde) to Domus Felix (Palers' Revels) in Lejre
There is a train connection between Roskilde and Lejre. Train goes every hour, and the ride is 7 minutes. Depart 4 minutes past each hour from Roskilde and 7 minutes past each hour from Lejre. Train service stops after midnight. Note: above times are given in good faith: make your own inquiries when you get there.

From Lejre station to Ledreborg (Procol Harum concert)
The roads to Ledreborg will be closed for cars on the concert days.
There will be a shuttle bus service between Ledreborg castle and Lejre railway-station.
You can also walk in about 15 minutes

From Lejre station to Domus Felix (Palers' Revels).
This is a 50-yard walk.

From Ledreborg (after the concert to Felix)
Take the shuttle bus from Ledreborg Castle to Lejre station or opt for the 15-minute walk over the beautiful Danish fields.

Important times

Ledreborg castle concert

Dress rehearsal (for people holding passes issued by BtP to Palers coming to the Revels both Saturday and Sunday): Friday 15.00 to 19.00
Concert (Saturday and Sunday): 15.00 to 18.00 each day. Procol Harum will be on stage at approx 16.00

Palers' Revels

Both days, immediately after the Ledreborg concerts. We plan to have each party under way no later than 18.45.

Food and drinks
Ledreborg Castle concerts
You may bring your own food, but no drinks allowed.
Drinks can be bought at the venue (and, we believe, also food)

Palers' Revels
You may not bring your own food or drinks to the after-show parties:
Food is included in your Palers' Revels tickets and drinks are for sale at the venue at very reasonable prices.

Collecting your tickets
If you have booked tickets for the Procol Harum concert at Ledreborg castle from BtP, the will be available to collect at Domus Felix from 10.00 to 13.00 Saturday. Also available most of the days Wednesday to Friday at Domus Felix. You may also look for Jens or Roland at the Basecamp hotel to arrange for your delivery. Send us a mail if you need other arrangements (for instance delivery at the hotel)

Tickets for the Palers' Revels will be given to you when you arrive at Domus Felix. Just remember your name, and the tickets will be ready for you :-)

Have a safe trip to Denmark. We look forward to seeing you there!

The BtP team: Jens + Roland

More useful information from our Danish friends here.

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