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Palers at Domus Felix (2)

Linda Clare's photographic record

Aerial view of the Palers' Band setup. RD600 piano, Marshall cab and head, Fender twin combo, numerous vocal and instrumental
 mics; Premier kit on the riser; a profusion of music stands, which got in the way of all filming and photographing. Pictured [from left]:
Ian Hockley, Gary Shepard, Søren Borello, One-Eye, Finn Poulsen and Marvin 'Mr Tambourine Man' Chassman on the drums.

This view gives a glimpse of the Hammond at the far end and also of the more-than-adequate monitor set-up. Only the drumkit didn't have its own
 monitor ... the various percussionists said they didn't need one ... so the piano had two (a similar disproportion obtains in Procol's own set-up)

We didn't really notice that incongruous string of pearl light-bulbs hanging above the stage ... not until we started getting
photographs sent in, at any rate. You have the choice of pictures without flash, which look warm, but can be blurred ...

... or with flash, which tend to look rather cold. Here we see 'Shep' leading the band through a marvellous Bridge of Sighs, with One-Eye
singing, Marvin drumming, Andrè playing bells, Bjørn on bass, and Larry on the Hammond

Andrè and his bells, Bjørn and his bass, on a different rehearsal of the same song


Morning rehearsal. After one disappointing turn-out, for which jet-lag may well have been to blame, we did tend to start
at 9.00 am sharp, which meant quite a lot of work could get done. 'Shep', Richard and Jens here

Close-up of the redoubtable Mr Beck, his guitar and Pod


Søren Borello, a most welcome newcomer and the only Danish Paler to play; and Peter Clare, Bb trumpet.
That's not some ostentatious bangle on his wrist, but the outer part of a Dennis Wick mute – with
which Peter was later going to conjure a raucously sleazy tone from the instrument

This is Taking the Time, with One-Eye as stand-in vocalist. Roland plays the clarinet on this one, the very same instrument
on which he played Repent Walpurgis in War Play in 1969 ... story here. Very sadly Nigel, his fellow-arranger in that
production, died earlier in 2006: later on Trick of the Night would be performed in his memory.

Coffee time (thanks, Linda!). Ian Hockley probably needed it too, having got stuck in a tunnel at Zurich
on his journey from Oman to Lejre. Also featured, Scott Siminofsky

Larry Pennisi and Jill McMahon, from LA: all smiles

More pictures from the same camera here

Read all about the Ledreborg concert and the Palers' Revels here

Procol dates in 2006

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