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Palers at Domus Felix (1)

Linda Clare's photographic record

Tuesday night, 15 August. The BtP team (including Our Man in Lejre, far left) erects the stage that
 the Palers' Band will play on – Procol Harum too. What a fantastic community centre Domus Felix is,
having steel staging of this quality waiting to be discovered in a cupboard!

Wednesday morning, 16 August: Soundforce Mk II supplied our backline gear, and they were very helpful:
they didn't just deliver it and drive away: this helpful operative stayed to be satisfied that the B3 and Leslie 147
were working perfectly. Thomas Raa Olsen looks on

Roland and Thomas unveil the precious Hammond. Though Thomas declined to play with the
Palers' Band (making instead a terrific technical manager) he was often to be found seated at the B3
in 'downtime' playing Bach, or jamming Procol tunes with Peter Clare on the piano

The PA was next to arrive, also very thoughtfully delivered and set up by Uffe from Thomas Duch Sound.
We were very impressed by the quality of the sound gear and of the backline

Andrč Romkes drove from Norway in his van, packed with an amazing array of percussion gear

 Jeff Levine and Torjus Ravnaas assist with the unloading

Domus Felix was set up for an art exhibition, which we welcomed initially as it made the room seem much less bare. We
hadn't foreseen that these faces would form the backdrop to a thousand souvenir photographs of the Palers' Revels!

There's a gallery running across the room we played in, and Andrč goes aloft with the tubular bells so that the
dramatic tolling that precedes 'Twas Teatime at the Circus will ring out from an unsuspected and spooky
quarter. Sounded fantastic, in the event: though most people probably assumed it had been generated by a synth

Andrč is a man of many parts, one of which is this 24-track hard-disk recording machine which was running
during the parties: he'd fixed a stereo pair of mics overhead and also took various feeds from the soundboard

Thomas at the sound desk. How many times did we make the 'Is it on, Tommy?' joke? Sorry!  

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