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Procol and Palers at Lejre, Denmark

Marvin Chassman's pictures from Friday 18 August 2006


From the Palers' Band Friday rehearsal, In Held 'Twas in I ... Richard Beck, Peter Clare doing some offstage humming and droning,
Roland (standing in for George Lovell's narrator), Jeff Levine waiting to take over the drum seat from Jens,
Martine docking her violin, Sharon Nichols, Jeremy Gilien on the bass

Gary Shepard on the piano, Richard Beck on guitar

Martine moves to the flute. Larry Pennisi visible on Hammond, while Don Milione and Roland confer about
sitar-synth patches in the background. Tito Davila watches, stage left

Torjus Ravnaas (25) on guitar for In the Autumn of my Madness. Larry Pennisi started out as vocalist on this song,
which was in the event sung by Søren Borello. Tito on drums, Bjørn Jensen on the bass guitar.

This is the opening of Something Magic: Roland on piano, Peter on trumpet, 'Shep' on guitar.
Hans Tammes is the vocalist, Andrè Romkes the drummer

One-Eye joins the ensemble as guide vocalist. Richard on bass

Also (partly) visible, Don Milione on Hammond, and Linda Clare putting in the 'ticking of the clock' with her Chinese Temple Blocks

Homburg ... Jeff on drums, Hans vocal, Martine violin, Larry on Hammond and Bjørn on bass


The Palers' Band takes the afternoon off to join other fans, by management invitation, at the Procol
camera rehearsal with orchestra and choir. In the background, Ledreborg Castle.

Note the large monitors that relay the faces of the opening act

The Palers now sit down to enjoy the music. The grass is a trifle moist, but there was to be no
more rain at all for our next two visits to this marvellous site.

Webmasters chatting with Mssrs Whitehorn, Brooker and Cooke outside the Danish Radio hospitality tent

Scenes from a battlefield (aftermath of the battle) ... Don Milione and Scott Siminofsky

Live Palers

Kerrifer Holloway

Webmaster Jens explains ...

Hermann and Frans

Don and friend


Now Procol Harum take the stage for their camera rehearsal

Geoff would go out and buy a much more conspicuous shirt, following this run-through

Choir, upstage right; good view of the tubular bells which got a thorough seeing-to during Whaling Stories

Harmony vocal here from Geoff ... he excelled on Something Magic

Commander on the large screens

The Paling fraternity constitutes virtually the only audience

A very grand pavilion indeed. Luckily its waterproofing was not put to the test over three performances

At the centre of the storm (had there been one) – Procol Harum


Geoff takes a solo (read the story of his guitar near-emergency here)

Answer: the Leslie speaker is under the stage!

Josh at the B3 ... but where is the Leslie speaker?

Mark's kick-drum advertises the backline hire-company, rather than the band itself

Good numbers of floor monitors

Gary in a vigorous moment


The band ready to bow. Or is it a Levis commercial?


Matt is wearing the new Procol / Ledreborg shirt, a very rare item already


Saturday: the audience colonises the slope below the castle

Fans including Henrik Gøttrup, looking off

Geoff now in his more visible shirt

A redhead will find it hard to hide even in a crowd this large!

Two cameras downstage left, and the monitors show what one of them is seeing

The band smile as their bouquets are brought out

They look a bit like large cauliflowers

The view of the castle as the Palers' Band escapes to the rear, to find the quick way through the woods to Domus Felix

Roland, Linda and Thomas ready for their sylvan promenade

Last shots back at the thinning audience

A scattering of Procol fans remains

Nice view of the contours of the castle park


At the Palers' Revels on Saturday night : Josh Phillips, Matt Pegg

Gary, Jens and Geoff ... a marvellous atmosphere from the very start

Mark and Josh in Puisto Blues tee-shirts from Finland

Gary addresses the Revellers

Larry photographs Mr Brooker at the piano

Outside Domus Felix

Felix from across the road. Can you read 'BtP' in three central windows?

View of Domus Felix from outside the pizza shop

Felix again, with the nearby houses, the equilibrium of whose occupants obliged us to keep the front windows shut


Sunday Paling rehearsals, 9 am. Thomas at the sound desk ('Is it on?'). Andrè in a moment's repose.

Sunday at Ledreborg. 'There's a dark cloud just above us'

But it didn't rain!

And the audience was just as huge as Saturday's

At the Palers' Revels: Gary presents flowers to our admirable Danish host, Henrik Gøttrup

Don't forget to thank the cook! Flowers for Helle Fransden too

Henrik addresses the multitude

Gary applauds Henrik


Ian in his Remarkable Shirt

When strap and bass part company. BtP had brought straplocks from England but hadn't found the time to fit them.

Jonas speaks about his Swedish balalaika, as Roland sits on the drum riser to play the mandolin.
These two instruments must mean that Rich, Jens, Hans and Jeremy are ready to play
Beyond the Pale

Roland introduces Frans Steensma, who will make the speech introducing the launch of the Paramounts DVD

Gary talks about the Paramounts ... holding down the ribbon so that he can still see the congregation

Cutting In / Blue Ribbons ... Gary's scissors launch the Paramounts Live DVD

Gary Brooker sings Poison Ivy backed by The Palers' Band ... visible are Torjus and Jens Anders Ravnaas, Roland and Jeremy

Drunk Again: Jeff on percussion, 'Shep' and Richard Beck on frets; the vocalists are One-Eye and Jens

Jens, suiting the action to the word in this infrequently-performed Procol stormer

Whaling Stories ... 'Shep', Jens, Hans, One-Eye and Jeremy arte joined by Matt Pegg on bass

Gary and Mark join the Palers' Band for the Shalimars at the end of Whaling Stories

Gary, Mark, Josh and Geoff are shown singing Whaling Stories with the Palers' Band.
But all is eclipsed by the magnificence of Ian Hockley's shirt

Gary's final remarks at the 11 pm curfew. He particularly congratulates the band on playing The Worm and the Tree

Late that night, Andrè Romkes has restocked his percussion van ...

... which he will drive back to Norway!

Read all about the Ledreborg concert and the Palers' Revels here

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