Palers' Party, Denmark

Some of the folk we must thank!

No doubt there will be full reports from the Palers' Revels in Denmark five days of Procoholic fervour and delight, culminating, after three days' intense rehearsal and socialising, with two dramatic Procol shows at Ledreborg castle in a wonderful, sunny setting, and with two astonishing parties. People from all over the world enjoyed each other's company, superb food, music from the Palers' Band (which has never sounded better), and on each evening the presence of Procol themselves, their management, sound crew,  and the supremo of the Castle Concerts. Procol played on the first night, on Palers' Band equipment, and on the second night, after the launch of the new Paramounts DVD, Gary sang Poison Ivy to the Palers' Band's accompaniment, after which Procol and Palers together performed a climactic version of Whaling Stories.

However ... none of this could have happened without the energy, commitment, resourcefulness and dedication of a great team of helpers; and Jens and Roland particularly want to offer heartfelt thanks to the following people for all that they did for the common cause.  Alphabetical order!

Castle Concert compere Hans-Otto Bisgaard for his very positive comments about all the visiting fans, and for talking warmly about the Palers to 22,000 concertgoers
Franky Brooker for cutting the cake, and procuring some excellent prizes for the BtP Christmas Conundrums.
Gary Brooker for – among so many other things – a sparkling array of compliments about the live music of the Palers' Band and the studio work on the Palers' Project CDs. And for addressing the Palers in French ...
Andrea, Lorenzo and Frederico Ciccioriccio for manning the merchandise stall at the Palers’ Revels.
Procol manager Chris Cooke for making all kinds of things happen, and for arranging our entrée to the camera rehearsal of the concerts
Linda Clare and Titti Ravnaas for all the ‘emotional infrastructure’ that made the webmasters' work possible during the months of planning
Thomas Duch at DuchSound, and Uffe who delivered and set up a very powerful PA system.
Finn the neighbour in Lejre for dropping in on the Palers’ Band rehearsals and playing blues harp.
Freddie at the Lejre shop!
Kari Romkes for dropping in on the Palers’ Band rehearsals and playing French horn on The Worm and the Tree in rehearsal
Helle Frandsen, who coordinated a great team that looked after all the catering, providing top-class food that was different each evening, and also, with husband Henrik, provided food and hospitality for the Palers' Band and associates in our mid-rehearsal party. She also made a fine birthday cake for Franky Brooker. We aren't able to name all her team, but Procol Harum presented them with some lovely flowers.
Henrik Gøttrup, who found and booked the venue, liaised with the local tradespeople, and did marvellous publicity work in radio and newsprint (he also hosted, with his wife Helle, three Bristolian Palers for a week!). Henrik’s energies at Domus Felix over six days ensured that we were all able to have a great time!
Anja Hoffmann for sorting out the Palers' enclosures at the Castle Concerts, and for finding extra tickets for us when the shows sold out.
Jens Hoffmann, supremo of the Castle shows, for generous help with prizes
Niels-Erik Mortensen and Stig Nielsen from the Royal Danish Society of Procoholics for adding a useful page to the Danish PH site to help travellers.
Morten Raa Olsen for a great deal of practical help and energy (and helping out after the synth Power Failure)
Thomas Raa Olsen – for everything! His visible help was manning the sound desk (‘Is it on, Tommy?’); his invisible help covered everything technical and practical; matters of communication; and being everybody's safety net. Thanks to Karen too, of course!
The people of Lejre, especially the immediate neighbours, for getting to like Procol Harum music after five days' loud exposure to it!
Procol Harum for coming to both parties, playing, singing and chatting with everyone.
Larry Pennisi for bringing his synth all the way from California.
Andrè Romkes for travelling to the Revels from Norway with two drum kits, a concert marimba, tubular bells, a huge percussion chest, 16-track recording equipment, lighting, and all the energy and expertise to deploy the above.
Donna Roberds for printing the name-tags and for nightly calligraphy.
SoundForce MkII for great backline gear.
Procol historian Frans Steensma for his very diverting and scholarly introduction of the Paramounts DVD.
The 24 members of the Palers' Band for getting up early, working late, and giving their all ... huzzah!

No doubt lots of other people whom we’ve forgotten for the moment!