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Procol Harum • Italy

Pictures from Martin Awsop • November 2007

Martin writes: 'I believe that at this time you know, that I was with Allen Edelist 'One Eye' and Stefano and Andrea Ciccioriccio, accompanying Procol Harum in their two concerts in Italy (Torino and Schio). It has been fantastic, to be able to share with these big friends this new experience and cohabit with the band and travel with them. They have been shown affordable and friendly and the two concerts has been also very special, because every day their sound is better. Congratulations to all the formers. How well Stefano says, you can complete their report about PH's concerts in Italy, with my pictures. How you can see, we form a good team. An explanation in the Torino concert, the price is highest than the rest, because, plays three bands. New Trolls, Procol Harum  and Creedence Clearwater Revived in this order.'

Stefano writes: 'As for all the previous Italian tours the “PH car” was once again organized. On board, further to bad driver Stefano Ciccioriccio and his son Andrea, were two great friends: the all-time passenger Al 'One Eye' Edelist (his foruth participation); Martin Awsop (originally booked only for Turin but, after a great pressing from the Italo-American trio, he remained on board for the Schio concert too); and in Turin we were joined by Umberto Borellini, another great friend who travelled some 200 km from Milan (where he lives) to be with us'. Stefano's captions follow:

For the Roman driver of the “PH car” it was not really easy to drive in Turin and therefore, when kindly offered by the band,
a lift to the Pala Ruffini was soon accepted. On the back rows: Stefano, One Eye and Umberto (a call to his wife to have
the latest news about his young daughter?)

The band is taking seats in the front rows

A view of the Pala Ruffini during the soundcheck

A Spanish photographer pictures an English one. We can’t guarantee his pictures but, for sure,
we can guarantee his exceptional drumming

The poster for the concert in Schio

One-Eye, Umberto and Stefano waiting for the band outside the changing room. Please note Stefano’s red and yellow
(AS Roma colours) shoelaces – please don’t look at the 'hair status' of the three PH fans

One-Eye and Umberto’s hair looks much better here – while this is not the case for Stefano

Three countries, three devoted fans and three friends: One-Eye, Martin and Stefano

Andrea Ciccioriccio was, as usual, responsible for the sale of Procol merchandise.
Here he is at work at the Pala Ruffini in Turin

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