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Procol Harum Italy

Pictures from Martin Awsop, captions from Stefano Ciccioriccio November 2007

The PH car moved from Turin to Schio on Friday 30 November at around 11.00 am. Some 300 km were waiting for the Italian driver, his son and the two Spanish-American friends.
During the route we stopped along the motorway for a sandwich and we had the surprise that the band too had chosen the same rest area (but they were having a real lunch!).
We arrived in Schio around 5.00 pm well in time to attend the soundcheck.

As usual Graham Ewins was responsible for the very good sound during the night.
Here he is pictured at work, in the rear of the Teatro Astra, during the soundcheck.

Anyway I would like to add something, according to me quite important, to the soundcheck notes
made by One Eye and edited at BtP
the day after ...

With my great surprise (its probably my favourite Procol number), and after a long
time of absence, a portion of Repent Walpurgis was played a couple of times ...

After the soundcheck I asked Josh if these were, maybe, the first attempts for a nice surprise later on during the concert.

His answer was negative and, effectively, the song was not part of the setlist.

This time the transfer to the venue was made without any kind lift from the band ...

In reality the Teatro Astra was only 50 metres from the hotel where both we and the band were lodged.

The 50 metres were occupied by a pub where both before and after the concerts we had, all together, a few drinks.

A view of the Teatro Astra from the stage during the soundcheck. Among the few in attendance you will surely recognize
BtP correspondent Al 'One-Eye' Edelist. Is he preparing his soundcheck report?

Soundcheck again

As you can see from the poster PHs gig in Schio was part of the Festival della Musica Contemporanea (Festival of Contemporary Music). You will
note that New Trolls, the band that shared the stage with PH the previous day in Turin, were part of the festival too but, this time, on a separate night.

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