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Palers' Band rehearsals

 Nightfly Studios, Southend: 16 – 19 July 2007

The Palers' Band is spending a week rehearsing at Nightfly Studios in The Paramounts' hometown, Southend. Everybody is having a very good time, and some great music is being prepared for the Anniversary this coming weekend. This page of pictures from the rehearsals gives a glimpse of what is going on.

 Ian Hockley on the piano (the same instrument will be used by Gary Brooker two nights in London at the end of the week)

 Andre Romkes on drums while his wife Kari plays the French horn. Time will show what this is all about.

 Allen 'One-Eye' Edelist and Roland from BtP enjoying themselves

Don Milione at the Hammond – always with a big smile in his face

Upper right corner: the room was really humming hot in the nice Southend weather: fans were very much in demand.


The waiter brought a tray, and even more ... iced beers for the band in the middle of the studio floor


Andrè is not a one-handed drummer: he is tuning one of the tom-toms


 Jeff Levine and Marvin Chassman; Alberto Gallarini.

 Marvin on the Mapex drumkit we hired from the studio.
Some of the crash cymbals were bought second-hand earlier that day by Andrè,
because we felt we didn't have enough metal to hit.

  One-eye, Roland and Gary Shepard discussing some details in the music: 'You watch me,' Roland is saying

 Stephen 'Doc' Wallace, Antonio Costa Barbé, the ever-present One-eye and Alberto

 Roland showing Benny Tworek some details at the Hammond

 Thomas Raa Olsen (who always has it on), George Lovell (who also offered his highly entertaining book The Waiter brought a Tray
for presale to the Palers' Band), Tito Davila, One-0Eye, Don and Søren Borello – most likely one lead singer and several backing vocals

  No instruments – what this is all about will surely be revealed in Saturday's performance

 The end of the evening? Not so – some people just need more sleep than others

 All photos by Jens Anders Ravnaas

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