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Procol Harum's 40th Anniversary

London pictures from Roland at BtP (2)

BtP presentsProcol Harum's 40th Birthday Celebrations 20 / 21 July 2007

At BtP's aftershow party in the crypt below the auditorium, the call went out from Procol Harum
that they wanted to have a word with Al 'One-Eye' Edelist ...

... who was duly given a certificate recognising his abnormally frequent attendance at Procol concerts worldwide

One-Eye duly thanked the band

Some of whom photographed him while he did so

George Lovell presented Gary Brooker with a copy of his excellent Procol memoir (second edition
now on pre-order here). Gary found it expedient to stow it in his trousers

Ian Hockley, Matt Pegg, Jeff Levine ... among many others in the crypt

It looks as though Matt Pegg is signing a cymbal ... maybe for Jeff Levine?
That's his wife in the blue roll-neck. Jeff's, not Matt's.

Gary Brooker, Antonio Costa Barbé, Peter Justesen

Gary refers to Antonio as 'Costa Barbirolli', by the way

Roland has just told Mr Reid that Antonio's favourite Procol song is
Dead Man's Dream
– he knows that it's Keith's least favourite

Saturday night, and One-Eye's garb is notable: so, why the Pizza shirt? Because Jens and Roland presented
Keith and Gary with two circular blue glass plaques, on behalf of Procol fans worldwide, and they came in square
presentation boxes.  We asked One-Eye to bring them on stage in this costume knowing that, if  we didn't make the pizza
joke first, it would be swiftly pre-empted by one of the presentees, on first seeing the delivery boxes.

Sunday, Ealing: Thomas and Karen taking a huge mound of post-celebration gear out of their van, which is going home
to Denmark; Linda and Peter wonder how it is all going to fit into the Bristol-bound Volvo. But it did, eventually.

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