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Keitelejazz Festival website notices

23 July 2009 • Gary Brooker's injuries

Text from the website
Procol Harumin konsertti torstaina 23.7. oli suuri pettymys kaikille yhtyeen faneille sekä yhtyeelle itselleen. Laulaja Gary Brooker oli loukannut kylkensä tulomatkalla. Yhtye halusi kuitenkin esiintyä, ja uskoi viimeiseen asti, että  lääkinnän avulla Brooker olisi saatu laulukuntoon. Näin ei kuitenkaan käynyt, lauluyritykset olivat tuskaisia, ja muu yhtye joutui paikkaamaan Brookerin osuutta parhaansa mukaan.  

Toivomme yhtyeelle ymmärrystä vaikeassa tilanteessa. Ennen kaikkea toivomme Gary Brookerin terveyden ja voimien palautumista.

"Procol Harum`s concert on Thursday 23rd was a huge disappointment to all the fans of the band and to the band themselves. The singer Gary Brooker had injured his ribs on the way to Äänekoski. The band wanted to play a gig anyway, and believed to the last minute that with the help of medicine Gary Brooker would be able to sing. This didn't happen; it was very painful for him to sing and the rest of the band had to help Gary with his duties the best they could.

We hope that everyone can understand Procol Harum in this difficult situation. Foremost we hope all the best for Gary Brooker's health and power." (trans. Juice Huhtala)

Gary Brooker's own comments on the website from 10 August
Gary Brookerin oma tiedote 10.8.2009:

I would like to say a big “thank you” to those kind people who have sent messages to me after my accident in Finland last month.

Those that attended to Keiteljazz Festival will know that I was not able to enjoy my performance as I usually do, as I had had an accident while travelling from Helsinki to Äänekoski.

We had stopped the tour bus to stretch our legs and take in the Finnish scenery, and my attempts to take photos resulted in a heavy fall. When I went on the stage at the festival I believed I had two fractured ribs, but it was very painful.

I was extremely well looked after by the local doctor and the organisers. Everyone was very sympathetic and supportive, especially the audience. I was very moved by the reaction.

When I got back home, I discovered that I had actually broken five ribs but I am recovering now, if a little slowly.

I am hopeful that I can come back soon and make it up to you all, especially those who came and cheered what was not one of my best stage performances.

Many thanks again.

Gary Brooker

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