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Procol Harum at Keitelejazz Festival, Finland

from Sisä-Suomen Lehti • 25 July 2009

François Courvoiser writes to 'Beyond the Pale' (summer 2009) from Switzerland: 'I have received by the journalist who has interviewed me this memorable 23 July a copy of the local newspaper.' The words were kindly translated into English by Timo 'Juice' Huhtala, cinematographer/Procol-fan from Kallio in Helsinki.

Rock'n'roll professor on tour in Finland

 – I don't care for jazz so much. I'm more of a rock'n'roll and blues man, says Francois Courvoisier from Switzerland, a Professor in economics.

He tells that he is a fan of Procol Harum and that he has met the band few times.

– I have seen them live many times. I have seen Procol mostly in Switzerland, but I was in their concert in Manchester UK once, when they played with a symphony orchestra.

Mr Courvoisier is in Finland for the first time and has come here mainly to the Keitele Jazz Festival to see Procol Harum. On his tour he has been travelling around South- and Middle Finland.

– In Helsinki I went to Suomenlinna and to Kiasma [the museum of modern art]. Then I hired a car and drove to Porvoo to see the old town.

From there he continued to Middle Finland, where he visited Alvar Aalto museum in Jyvaskyla. In addition he has explored Finnish nature.

– From here I will carry on to Turku and then I will return home. My week in Finland is shared with music, nature and culture.

Mr Courvoisier thinks the Finns are very nice, the kind of people you can easily get along with. The professor has visited Sweden previously.

– The Finns are more approachable than the Swedes, especially after couple of beers, laughs Courvoisier.

Caption: François Courvoisier from Switzerland tells that he likes the atmosphere of Keitele Jazz. He thinks that the festival is 'human sized', the venue is beautiful and that the arrangements work well.

 Thanks François and Juice!

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