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Procol Harum in Manchester, 2001

Diane and Gary's thank you letter

On behalf of Gary and the band, Mark Lundquist Concert Promotions and myself, I’d like to express our appreciation and thanks for the loyalty and support we have received from all the fans of Procol Harum who turned out to see the band during this Summer’s tour. Also, the venues and their staff for the courteous reception we received everywhere.

When we embarked on the idea of touring again in 2001 we had very little idea of what to expect in audience numbers. Did people still want to see Procol Harum? We of little faith. Yes, they do!

Special thanks are due to Howard Raynor and all his staff at Bridgewater Hall. Howard was the first Theatre Manager to say "Yes, I’d like Procol Harum to play at Bridgwater Hall. Would they like to perform with the Hallé Orchestra and Choir?" It was the catalyst for the rest of the tour. Howard’s faith was rewarded in what he told me he felt was an amazing evening, and was stunned that fans had travelled to Manchester from Scandinavia, Europe and North and South America. The concert was made even more wonderful by the presence of Nicholas Dodd as The Hallé’s Guest Conductor. Everything a conductor should be, Nicholas worked tirelessly with the band and other performers to make such a memorable concert. I’m sure the enthusiasm of the audience transmitted itself to him and to all the performers.

From the very first date at Amager Bio in Copenhagen it was evident that the tour was going to be a success, with an ecstatic audience, packed in like sardines. All the dates were extremely well supported, and it was very interesting to see so many young people at them.

One of the two Moscow concerts was recorded for Russian TV and we very much hope that it will not be too long before we are able to offer this concert as possibly a video, CD or even DVD, Procol Harum at The Kremlin Palace. Keep a look out.

The two Conventions in Kristiansand and Manchester were organised by our webmasters, Jens Anders Ravnaas and Roland Clare and I know I speak for everyone in thanking them for the fantastic work they do in bringing people together and for the sterling work they’ve contributed to publicise the tour, ensuring its success.

Let’s hope we can do it again soon!

Diane Rolph, Procol Harum Management

Gary added to this as follows:

Procol Harum would also like to publicly thank Diane, Mark Lundquist and John Grayson for their splendid efforts and say a big thank you to Ron Manigley of STAR EVENTS, and his crew of Wee Pete Keane (assistant road) and Graham Ewins (front-of-house engineer), who did it "in the spirit in which it was made", and to Franky, who knew the monster’s every trick.

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