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Procol Harum Bergamo, Italy

Soundcheck pictures from Linda at BtP (3):  24 July 2010

Nice to see Geoff on a riser, as he is not always easy to see

Josh left the wooden legs of his digital B3 at home, he told me, so as
not to have to take them with him on holiday afterwards

The sound clarifies as Graham does his work, and the band gets into their stride 

Gary, Geoff and Geoff 

'Riservato' stickers were placed throughout the front few rows for dignitaries ('digs' in Procol terms)
and fans from far away. The international contingent preferred to hear the show from the midway position
they'd enjoyed for the sound-check, and promoter Gigi was very accommodating in arranging that for us

Geoff (left) with Geoff (right)

Geoff (right) with Geoff (left)

Though all seems well on stage, Johnny and Ron are never far away