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Procol Harum at Harrisburg PA, USA

4 November 2010 Martin Brynildsen for BtP

Caught the show at the Forum last night.  It's part of the Arts and Science Centre in the State Capital Complex.  No food!  For us, the food was supplied by Gary and the guys.

Pictures courtesy of Unsteady FreddieShine on Brightly began their night.  I sensed that between the 'one note' on the chorus and Gary's work, there was some disparity in the tuning.  Homburg was well done, and things came together.  Wall Street Blues and The Idol were terrific, and of course were solid platforms for Geoff's wonderful work.  He's such a joy to watch and listen to, for he obviously loves to play.  A Dream in Ev'ry Home served as a pleasant break, and was well done by the book.  Simple Sister, The VIP Room, and Kaleidoscope rocked !! 
The highlights of the night here were Strangers in Space, Juicy John Pink, and Barnyard Story.  Strangers took the evening into a big change.  The band seemed to reach for the stars (on the ceiling!) musically.  There was a wonderful blend of characters, mixing perfectly and guiding us along.  There was great communication here, and Geoff, Matt, and Josh were marvellous!  As this trip ended, all in the crowd were stunned by the complete, ethereal, lovely performance.
Pictures courtesy of Unsteady FreddieJuicy John Pink quickly became a heavy blues number, and was fun because of the great mix and fun the band were having with it.

Barnyard Story was a knockout!   Of course it started with Gary's desperate thoughts, eventually carried, by the music, into classical territory.  I for one was expecting it to end gently after the final lines; however, at that point (even silent for a moment) we were struck by a thundrous instrumental break, carrying us through the chord changes as all cut loose. This hit like a stick of dynamite, finally letting us down gently, where Gary was allowed his final sombre statement once more.

The encores were magnificently played.  A Salty Dog was uplifting.  Conquistador gave Josh the opportunity to rumble, and he was all over his instruments.
Finally, A Whiter Shade of Pale was well played, by the book.  During the preceding number, it appeared that Geoff suddenly lost much of the sound of his range, and unfortunately lost much of his voice.  At this point, a few tech problems here and there were academic.  Everyone was pleased with a great effort from a great band.

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