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Procol Harum at Las Vegas, USA

Alan Dvorkis reports from Friday 17 August 2012

PROCOL HARUM, Live at The Pearl, The Palms Casino, Las Vegas

I am new to the site and in many ways a new fan of Procol. I attended their concert in Las Vegas, last August. Yes was the so-called headliner. Procol Harum's ten-song set was amazing. This is my first endeavor at communicating with a computer. I was so blown away by PH in concert that I had to let someone know.

Gary can still hit all of the tricky notes. His voice was strong and on this night full of emotion. My only regret was that I could not understand Gary's banter between songs. The little I did catch was informative, often funny.

A few observations. Hearing A Salty Dog live is emotionally wrenching. The song resonates with feeling. I believe it was the seventh song [see here], and to me was the high point of a great set. I mean like I was hypnotized, mesmerized and just completely blown away. Live, it is as good as it gets, from anyone, anywhere.

Next came a smashing, jam up blues intro that became Whisky Train. It was a great improvisation. It came at a perfect time, good feeling and upbeat.

Gary then told us that it was the final night of the tour. When the audience gave the cliched "aww", Gary commented that it was sad. He thanked his friends from Yes and launched into a very sad A Whiter Shade of Pale. Gary sounded almost tearful, singing their classic, as the feeling of the tour ending clearly affected his mood. However, it only made a great song better.

I am surprised, at his age, how strong and how well he sings. When I saw Deep Purple at the same venue, I could not say the same for Ian Gillan. But this site is about Procol Harum.

Although the room was 33% full for Procol's set, the Yes people that arrived early were clearly won over. I was convinced to stay for Yes. I was pleasantly surprised. Yes-live blows away Yes-vinyl. Procol is spectacular at all times.

I hope I did this right. I do not navigate computers too well. (thanks, Alan)

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