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'Echoes in the Night' • The Wuppertal Convention

April 2013 • pictures and captions by Axel Leonhardt

Rehearsing with the Commander
On stage at the percussion-teaching studio of Rainer Emerson, which the Palers' Band inhabited for four days

Roland and Jens at the blackboard checking the set list
Since players' arrivals will be staggered, we're investigating which songs can be rehearsed with stand-ins

Axel on drums for the first time in twenty years
But showing no signs of rust: behind him, on percussion, drummers Paul Achton, Richard Williams, Tito Davila and Jens from BtP

Charlie, Juliette, Dave and Axel at the after-party
This was at Salle Rossini, which BtP had hired for the Posh Buffet that followed the first Procol Harum choral/orchestral concert

Juliette and Jens backstage with Mr Bond aka Jonas
Juliette Leonhardt, spouse of the photographer of this page, joined him in the Palers' Band for one item

They had fun backstage
In the corridor behind the band-room behind the stage at Live Club Barmen

Titti, Anne Maren, Juliette, Peter and Ingelise at the Palers’ Party
A fine collocation of Norse and Danish fans! This was before the lavish food was served

Meals on wheels! No rest for the Palers’ convener
Roland brings a meal aboard the BtP 'bus from Live Club Barmen to the Procol gig, enviously (?) monitored by Linda and Rainer

Thomas and Karen at the Palers’ Party
Marvellous duo, from Denmark, who looked after the BtP Merchandise stall all day and night, providing fans with a good range of stuff at good prices

Axel on drums on stage with the Commander, what on honour!
'My Band was playing at a club just up the road' ... certainly GB sang with two bands on the day in question

Two little girls between two great guitarists
Namely, Juliette, and Annie Whitehorn: this was at one of the two bars serving delegates at BtP's 'Echoes in the Night' convention

The main titles are Axel's. The bits in small brown writing are BtP addenda

Procol dates in 2013

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