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'Echoes in the Night' • Wuppertal, 6 April 2013

Afternoon events • official photography by Andre Scollick (1)

An empty stage at Live Club Barmen, in Wuppertal, awaits the 30+ members of The Palers' Band

Andrθ's vibraphone has come all the way from Norway for one song – So Far Behind

Dennis Grant's Hammond has come all the way – unbelievably – from New Zealand, and its owner was very sadly unable to come and join it.
Next time, Dennis ... and a million thanks meanwhile

Procol merchandise for fans at the lowest prices BtP can arrange

The merchandise on offer includes original framed artwork by a member of The Palers' Band ...


... the multi-talented Dave Ball, guitarist with Procol Harum on their best-ever-selling album

The first guests arrive ... getting their hands stamped on production of a ticket

Thomas and Karen from Denmark looked after all the sales ... and were very busy, as people snapped up the stuff they needed

Pirjo and Sinttu, from Helsinki, making their selection

Jens, as always, welcomes the audience. Also on stage (wearing a hat) Roland from BtP, who mystifyingly introduces Jens (who is
of course Norwegian) as being '... from the United States'. Mental blocks are frequent, indeed. The other two men on the stage
are, by coincidence, the sons of the two webmasters aforesaid: Peter (bass) and Torjus (guitar)

Peter Clare and Torjus Ravnaas ... they first performed together twelve years ago ... here playing You'd Better Wait, a nice rare number to kick off the proceedings

Ian Hockley, from Oman, who had given Wednesday night's public organ recital in the Laurentius Church in Wuppertal, seated at the Hammond

Dave Ball, guitar, during Conquistador – some of the Palers' Horns visible in the background

Luiz de Boni from Brazil – his first outing with the Palers' Band, and, we very much hope, not his last

Poul Achton, from Denmark: great percussionist and fountain of bonhomie

Gary Shepard (USA), Beth Pellegrini (Italy), Allen 'One-Eye' Edelist, and Roland from BtP (UK): So Far Behind

And, entering unobtrusively, and unannounced, Mr Gary Brooker, from Procol Harum

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