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Thanks page for Procol Week in Wuppertal

‘Whaling Stories’ and ‘Beyond the Pale’ would like to thank the following, who are not listed in any deliberate order, but who all made a valuable or invaluable contribution to the outstanding success of the Procol / Palers' week in Wuppertal. The list may not be complete, so please forgive us for any omissions: please send a message to and we'll make good.

The Bowl

Good Times (

Eclipsed (Rock magazine)

Coolibri (Magazine)

Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal

Radio Wuppertal (local radio station)

Akzenta Wuppertal

WSW.AWG (Wuppertaler Stadtwerke u.Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft mbH)

Michael Pintarelli, Finanzdienstleitungen

Stiftung Kalkwerke Oetelhofen

Jackstädt Stiftung Wuppertal

Koma-Merchandising GmbH (T-Shirt printers in Wuppertal)

Uli Twelker (from Good Times)

Norbert Fuhrmann

Rainer Schallenberg (for the loan of a Leslie 145)

Holger Weber (Schwebebahnmalerei)

Samantha Amorosa – wigs and make-up for the dancers

Bjorn Vilhelmsson at Vilma Rental

Very helpful blokes at Hardline Music in Wuppertal

Trevor Jones Brass and Woodwind (Bristol)

Steve Hawker (guitar repairs in Bristol: +44 (0)7811 240887)

Marcus Grebe (promoter in Wuppertal)

Dirk Jessewitsch (Haus der Jugend / Live Club Barmen)

Ian Hockley (and Roland Dopfer) for the organ recital

Rainer and Louise Emerson (refreshments, TLC, Iberogast, as well as everything else!)

Stephen Prince at Badges-a-Plenty in Derby UK

Barrie Cook and Mikey Hurman at Carillion in Bristol for careful printing of the Palers’ Band tee-shirts

Dennis Grant in Australia for being the very kind Organ Donor

Isolde Ackermann, Linda Clare, Titti Ravnaas!

Thomas and Karen Raa Olsen for great help with merchandise

Andrè Romkes for a van-load of percussion, and recording

Ian Hockley and Kari Romkes for Palers' Band and Sinfonietta arrangements

Peter Christian for simultaneous translation services

Luiz de Boni and Don Milione for keyboard loans

Rainer Emerson (and Joanna) for the use of the SLAP studio and much more

Gary Shepard and Luiz de Boni for help with charts

Kate Byron for the loan of a B12 clarinet

Gummo Clare for the loan of an electric violin

Linda Clare for copying Palers’ Sinfonietta parts

Richard Osmond for the loan of crash cymbals

Phill Thomas for technical help

Ursula Heck for good vibes

Franky Brooker

Gary Brooker MBE and Geoff Whitehorn for performing with The Palers’ Band

Chris Cooke

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