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In Held 'Twas N.Y. Mirelle's, Westbury, USA

Photographs from Gary Shepard, 12 July 2014

Gary Shepard himself with his friend Tom Lawlor, who took many of the pictures on this page ... certainly, the ones that GS himself is shewn in

Gary at the pianoforte

Webmaster Jens in a wholehearted attempt to convince us that he (and fellow vocalists George Lovell and Stewart Bryson) are Drunk Again

Memorable first foray in band playing for the Canadian Josh Wolfe, who made a strong showing on lead guitar

Good shot of the lavish kick head on Tito Davila's drum kit, and of Marvin Chassman, making a nice job of Venus Exploding

Ace drummer Richard Williams proves a great stand-in vocalist on Venus Exploding in the regrettable absence
of Al 'One-Eye' Edelist, for whom the number was originally scheduled

Despite the excellence of many of the many drummers in the Palers' Band, it was the commitment and
panache of talented multi-instrumentalist Michael D'Addario that drew some of the finest plaudits. Unusual, and
very pleasing, if irrelevant, that a fellow band-member of Michael's on this occasion was a full half-century older than him

Ronnie D'Addario and Brian Michael D'Addario, kinsmen to the above, also proved very capable indeed in a variety of roles.
Jay Terleski from Hammond Organ Radio is Rambling On on this number also

This bloke is smiling because he is demonstrating the truth of a magazine article he read, long ago, in which
Gary Brooker was reported as saying, 'Pianists turned organists, I can tell 'em a mile away.'

Ladies and gentlemen, The Palers' Band (with members of Broken Barricades: everyone mingled for the climactic In Held 'Twas in I

For the first time in eight musical Conventions, we had people shouting requests from the floor, which those in the Palers' Band who
like to wing it then played off-the-cuff. For Dead Man's Dream, sung by Roland at the piano, Tom Lawlor got up to play
some drums, which resulted in a very crisp and heavy reading of that doom-laden song. I don't think any of us remembered that
in the adjoining room, just a partition or two away, a large crowd had gathered for a funeral

A wonderful privilege and pleasure again to have Gary Brooker join the Palers' Band for a couple of numbers, one a World Premiere.
Here he is shewn wearing Tito Davila's spectacles, the better to read the words of
Give Me Something to Remember You By

Lastly our capable and highly memorable sound man, Flippy. Mirelle's catered the BtP Convention in excellent style and everyone got very good money's-worth. If you weren't
there, please do NOT assume that the dubious collation in this soundcheck shot was any part of the Official Menu. Hence, no doubt, Flippy's egregious expression.

In Held 'Twas NY

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