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Dave Ball ...

Pre-Procol work coming out on CD

Procol Harum fans who relished the raw edge that Dave Ball brought to his brief stint with Procol Harum will be interested to know of two forthcoming CDs featuring his guitar-playing: this will be many fans' first opportunity to check out what Dave was up to before we first heard him on the Edmonton outing

The Big Bertha Live in Germany double CD will be released on Zoom Club Records at the end of May 1999; recorded near Hamburg, Germany in 1970, it features Denny Ball, Dave Ball and Cozy Powell. The sound quality is said to be very good, with powerful and energetic playing.

In early September comes The Bedlam Anthology, featuring some more unheard tracks from the early days. This will also have a live section featuring a superb quality radio broadcast from the Bedlam tour of USA with Black Sabbath.

Dave Ball adds:
The full SP on this: the original Bedlam album was re-released by Zoom Club Records. The Bedlam Anthology includes the live radio show from Hemstead Long Island plus three tracks from the second album that was being recorded before the break up; also a selection of old tracks featuring Cozy, Den and myself with an assortment of other folk, including Brother Pete on Hammond.

The Big Bertha CD is good fun. Recorded on rudimentary gear (two mikes I believe) in a club near Hamburg, the sound quality is really very good. Den and I are singing so you should not expect Pavarotti! That album and the Anthology are due sometime in June. Zoom are extremely excited about the releases and have Pinnacle backing them with distribution.

Who the potential audience is I have no idea. (apparently Japan are very keen, Cozy certainly had a large following there). I may try and get some interviews with the music papers (ie Melody Maker) - that is if I can interest them in what the old farts are doing with themselves these days!

More news when we have it.

Dave Ball's page at 'Beyond the Pale' Bedlam at The Bedlam anthology

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