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Belgian exhibition of portraits including two Procol Harum men

Gary Brooker and Chris Thomas, pictured by LJ Camerlinckx

LJ Camerlinckx was a well-known Belgian portrait-painter, who died twenty years ago. On this page you will find thumbnails of his work and the press-release about a commemorative exhibition. The official invitation depicts Gary Brooker, who sat for him in 1970 ... as did Chris Thomas. Their portraits may be seen towards the foot of the page.


You are cordially invited to the reception for the Great Exhibition
At the home of the portrait-painter LJ Camerlinckx

On Saturday 26 September 2009 at 1700 hours. Opening speech by the Mayor, Raf Truyens, and a speech by Prof Dr Hans Geybels about Camerlinckx’s ‘The way of the cross of Jesus’ .

Place: at the house of LJ Camerlinckx, Pijnvenstraat 101-103, 3941 Hechtel-Eksel

Contact: 0032 (0) 472.343.373, e-mail: or  

This Great Exhibition of the works of master-artist LJ Camerlinckx (self-portrait, left) is specially organised to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of his death. Born at Aarschot on 26 May 1920, he passed away at home on 26 September 1989.

LJ Camerlinckx studied at the Academy for Fine Arts in Brussels and completed his studies at The Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp, where he was taught by Isidoor Opsomer and Eugeen Yoors. He made portraits, figure drawings and paintings with oil and charcoal as well pastel-colours. His first Master Work ‘The way of the cross of Jesus’, made his reputation, and was completed in 1945. The Vatican in Rome recognised that and shortly afterwards he received three more commissions.

Camerlinckx was also founder and teacher of the Aarschotse drawing-and painting school. There he met his other half, Madeleine Douven, and married her in 1950. He moved to Limburg, in the middle of the beautiful, quiet place Eksel. There he found new inspiration, as his fascination passed to persons, characters, individuals. It was a difficult place to find, but everybody found him! His work then spread not only in Belgium, but over almost the whole world.

At this exhibition people have the chance to enjoy the brilliance of his many works at first hand, including the original ‘The way of the cross of Jesus’, in his own studio.

The exhibition is open from Sunday 27 September to Sunday 18 October at the address above. Hours of opening: Thursday to Sunday, 1300 to 1830 hours, or by appointment: tel. 0032(0)472.343.373 of 0032(0)476.300.293 or by e-mail: or  

Right: Gary Brooker and Chris Thomas

The artist's daughter, Christ'l Camerlinckx, wrote to BtP about Gary Brooker's visit.

'I still remember the nice moments when he visited our house, he played on the piano, A whriter shade of pale, and whrote in my daiery, a verry nice word. I was 12 years old. The kindness and sympathy i will never forget.'

'Hello Crystal, love Gary Brooker (Procol Harum) You play piano great'

Both sides of
the invitation to the
Camerlinkx exhibition

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