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Memorial service for Gothic Harris, 19542004

Hollywood, 15 February : three reports

We attended a moving memorial tribute for Gothic today, writes Jeremy Gilien. I especially would like to thank Allen whose
touching, heartfelt tribute on behalf of the Palers really affected all who were there in a big way, to all of the Palers who sent messages on a lovely tribute poster prepared by Jill, and to Roland and Jens who devoted so much recent BtP space in honor and remembrance of Gothic.

I know his closest relations sis Liza and bro St John ('Sinjin') really appreciate all of your thoughtfulness as do I. It came as no surprise, however, as the Palers are the classiest fans of the classiest band in the business! Bless you all.

The many faces of Gothic Harris down the years


Al 'One-Eye' Edelist writes: I was very touched by the outpouring by those who contributed their thoughts to a beautiful BtP tribute board that Jill put together. Those Palers attending the memorial included his dear friend, Jeremy, Jill, Rodger Phillips, and me.

A common theme was that everyone who knew Gothic for a long or short time really did feel close to him; that he made everyone very comfortable around him. I spoke briefly about his participation as a Paler in LA, and that everyone who knew him or played with him for even 5 or 10 minutes felt the same as those who had known him his whole life.

I offered the thought that since the new Paler Project CD is dedicated to Gothic, that hopefully everyone who has a chance to listen to it will keep Gothic in their memory as they do.

It was a nice celebration of Gothic's life. The most tender moments for me were when AWSoP (twice) and Separation were played as part of a tape of music Gothic enjoyed as prepared by Jeremy.

Be in peace, Gothic! (Thanks, Allen)

Liza, Sinjin and Yoli

Harris the musician:
the Village board


Jill McMahon writes: it was a fairly brief speaking thing done by a pastor and then Gothic's brother Sinjin spoke, his sister Liza, Pat (a Village buddy), Kathy (sister of Richard, a Village buddy), the woman who lived next door, Jeremy, and Allen. Rodger also attended, as did Scott Supak, son of the mixer when Procol played with the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl (Scott is pictured below with One-Eye).

Everyone in the chapel walked over to our card and read all the sentiments on it. I must say that Liza and Sinjin were so touched that BtP would send the flowers (which Sinjin took home) and have so many wonderful things to say about their brother, whom they know as Bill.

The floral tribute
sent by BtP on behalf
of all Gothic's Paler friends:
a growing garden

(thanks, Tito)

Obviously he had many different sets of friends - all who loved him intensely. After the service the family hosted a lunch at a local restaurant where everyone could share their thoughts. They passed several books around for people to sign thoughts into and Jeremy brought his photos of him and Gothic in England.

I think that this reality hasn't fully hit everyone just yet even though it has been one horrid week. I wanted online Palers to know about the service because I know you guys were there in spirit and Gothic's family and friends definitely appreciated that a lot. I wanted everyone who contributed to see their words and that they meant so much to those close to Gothic.

I wanted to thank everybody who contributed their name and/or their thoughts to our Paler card for Gothic's Memorial Service (click on the image above to read more). He was a fabulous guy, extremely talented, who was loved by everyone around him. His family and close friends were very touched that the Palers had taken the time and the effort to send plant and flowers and pay him tribute via the card and these are two of the things that will keep the good memories alive for them. While he will be missed terribly, I'm sure he'll be with us always, watching over all of us. (thanks, Jill: and thanks for organising floral and printed tributes on behalf of Gothic's friends who could not be there in person)

Gothic with the Palers' Band


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