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A Shining Season Shines On Brightly

Beverly Peyton

Beverly Peyton is a long-time Procol fan and friend, living in Fort Lauderdale: fans will know of her New York hairdressing salon, 'Procol Hairum.'

It was the fall of '86. Baseball was in the air. NY was all a-buzz with the Mets making a run at the pennant play-offs. Each game was so intense. Some of the games ran into the wee hours of the morning. By the time the Mets made it to the World Series, I was convinced that, had I been a nail-biter; I'd have nothing but knuckles to show for it today.

It was also a fair assumption that even though I had been a resident of south Florida for ten years, my love of the NY teams was still a given. That's not to say I didn't love other teams, mind you. I always enjoyed having the capacity to look at each sport and adopt what I thought would be the contender for that year. Well, to make a long story short, the Mets went on to win the World Series in one of the most exciting play-off years ever, although, that seems to be said every year.

The seventh and final game was watched at my house with a couple of friends, who I don't believe knew of my penchant for Procol Harum. I was so excited that the Mets had won. There was no containing me. Amidst all the clamor, while the credits to the game began to roll, I suddenly heard 'that voice!'

'Oh my God!' I yelled. 'That voice! I know that voice! That's my friend Gary singing from the band Procol Harum!'

I wasn't familiar with the song. Was I hearing things? Surely someone at NBC was playing games with my ears. I must be going mad! In my thirst for more Procol Harum I was starting to imagine new songs.

'Quiet', I yelled. 'I have to hear this. I'm sure this is my friend Gary singing and they've picked a Brit to honor America's favorite pastime'!

My friends thought I was nuts. Not only was I laying claim to the Mets winning the World Series, but the closing song as well. Surely, I was dreaming! After everyone left, I raced to the phone hoping,( to no avail);to find the answer with NBC. There was nothing left to do but contact The Commander.

He must have found my rantings daft, for I clearly remember him saying as he chuckled, 'Let me restore your sanity'! My ears had not failed me after all. It was a beautiful song entitled 'Limelight' that he had recorded with The Alan Parsons Project and by the end of the conversation I found him thoroughly delighted that it had been chosen to accompany such a prestigious event .

The next day, I raced to the record shop so I could purchase my double copies of 'Limelight' as was the practice with all my Procol Harum music. To this day, as I reflect, a shining season was quickly replaced with a shining song and what could be better than baseball and Brooker?

Go Yankees!

Go Gary!

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