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You expect people to pay ?

And though the cloud crapped desperately ...

Thanks to everyone who went to visit the fab Wonder of Music web-site, which came to the cyber-rescue of 'Behind [sic] the Pale' in the early hours of April Fool's Day.

The messages received at verged from the courteously accepting through the critical and the outraged to the frankly sceptical ... see below.

Jens and Roland are truly touched at the devotion of fans who would commit our Procol Heirloom into the hands of such a slipshod, illiterate operator as Rockin' John Pink, rather than see it lost altogether.

Please enjoy the (excerpted!) responses below. Oddly enough the warmth and smiles generated by this merry prank seem to have cured the problems that were besetting BtP for the foreseeable future, and everybody gets their free access to 'Beyond the Pale' way into the next millennium! Thanks to all who wrote in appreciation.

We hope no-one feels sore about this hoax: but if you're 'not quite sure' please be aware that all Palers had 364 days' warning that it was on the way: see here.

Anyway ... it's not too late to have a last laugh at the Truly Terrible One Hit Wonder Page, follow up the rock-and-roll links there, and male all you're speling-correction's to Rockin' John ... he always replies ...

Hey, Rockin' John!
This is a 'Paler from way back. The Beyond The Pale Website is one of the classiest sites around. If you can help it to flourish, we're with you! By the way, you spell it P-R-O-C-O-L H-A-R-U-M. I understand that we (Palers) will be able to get the first year as well as the year 2000 free. I'm all for that! Sign me up! Also ...what exactly are the 'pay-per-view' type arrangements that were alluded to?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Rockin John,
I am an avid Paler and contributor to BtP website. Please advise re: registration details.

Of course I want to become a menber, just tell me what I have to do. Much Thanks

I would like to register for the Beyond the Pale (Procol Harum) website which I understand will be coming under your authority. Thank you.

Hello again, RJ ...
So, am I in? I'd like to make sure that I get in on the 'intro offer' for Beyond the Pale people. I did e-mail yesterday but didn't get a definite response.

I'll be lookin for you in cyber-space.

hi rockin john,
i am a regular visitor of beyond the pale, and am sorry to see they are having difficulties. Luckily it looks as though you can help jens & co. could i please register an interest in your site, and could you give me details of subscription etc.

Many thanks for taking BTP into your inner sanctum. I don't know what we would do if we lost her ... Many thanks.

Dear John,
I understand when the computerised world as we know it disappears up its own chip Procol Harum's web 'Beyond the Pale' may have difficulty coping with the year 2000.

As I am a 'Whaler' who frequently visits the Procol website I would like to register for the One Hit Wonders website.

I look forward to hearing from you.

[to BtP]
I wrote to John at One Hit Wonders ... looks interesting but those spelling errors and misnomers! Ah!! But mum's the word. He is kind enough to bail us out of our "sinking ship" so that we are not "swimming in the sand". Thank you for doing this for all of us!

John -
Writing in regard to the notice on Beyond the Pale: I'll take that free subscription. Let me know what has to be done. Also, no offense, but it's P-R-O-C-O-L H-A-R-U-M. No a's [
sic!] no e's.


Hi I wrote before. I am a staunch Paler and request the free access that BTP mentioned. Thanks for helping us out!!

Hi John,
I am a Paler, and has been so since the sixties [
sic!]. I think Procol Harum is the best band ever. I want to register: (By the way, the correct spelling is Procol Harum)
Best regards

I wish to sign in and welcome you on board but, please spell Procol Harum correctly. Thanks.

Hello John,
I would like to register for free to the Procol Harum Website 'Beyond the Pale'
Thanks in advance,


Hi John
I'm a "Paler" - i.e. member of the Beyond The Pale internet fan club.
Please register me for the new site / arrangements etc.


Would like to register for access to the upcoming Beyond the Pale - message returned yesterday.
Best regards

[to BtP]
the spelling on that site was atrocious ... by the way, my message to the new site was returned because the server was "overwhelmed" - could be a good or a bad thing.....

Roland asked us to mail so we don't get charged some ungodly amount. Two days ?

[to BtP]
"Not a truly one hit wonder, both Harems' smash 45s's were great, but new!!! we are franchising a well-know fan-club Behind the Pale that has been going since the 60's. Welcome guys and lasses"

'Procal Harem' ... I don't feel very well ...

Its Procol Harum!!!!!! You have misspelled the name. Please fix. The picture did not come up and when I clicked on it I got a warped skipping Lime Street Blues that kept warping on the same few lines over and over and over. And you expect people to pay for this crap?

I will go back to snail mail. Newsletters will reign in Y2K! I have been a steady follower of Beyond the Pale and am accustomed to the best in web site production.

You should take a few pointers from Roland and his associates. Count me in as a free subscriber according to Roland's deal, but I won't stay long if it doesn't improve.

Hi John,

I've been away from my computer for almost a week and now I've got a lot of cathing-up to do .....

One of the first sites I visited when I returned home was Beyond the Pale; the Procol Harum website, and now I understand you will be hosting this site in the future?!

Well, here's some advice from a mature (ha! ha!) woman: get some help from a Proffessional - before it's too late!!! I mean ... haven't you any taste and touch when it comes to webdesign and spelling??

OK; since English is not my native language, my spelling might not always be corret, but your webpage is a disaster! And if you are going to maintain BtP, I'm getting real scared and I must tell you I get bad vibrations ...

Hopefully this is some kind of joke or maybe I'm only dreaming (nightmare that is) ...

Anyway; please let Jens and Roland continue to run Beyond the Pale the way we're used to. I guess that might be arranged even if / when you're hosting the site, eh? I will even contribute financially for NOT having you "run" this site!

And yes; I feel real bitchy ... but I had to get it out of my chest ... Sorry, but some one had to tell you, and that someone is me.

Good Luck in the Future! (It can't be worse ...)

How strange, that all the BtP trouble should occur and have to be solved on April 1 ...


Hi guys!
Do we get mentioned again for sussing out the April Fool's Joke of 1999? One Hit Wonders - a Nice Touch! LOL !

Best, Joan :-)

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Thanks to our sub-host, Piers Warren ... yeh-yeh, it's lots of fun ...

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