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One Hit Blunders

A handful of ripostes

BtP was delighted to receive these messages about the fab Wonder of Music web-site. While obviously delighted that the hoax turned out successful, we are also very grateful for people's efforts to help keep BtP afloat, and their kind comments.

Although the offers of help are not necessary at this time, it's always nice to know you've got friends willing to stand up for you. Specially against international thugs!

The page is so shoddy that it is almost perfect ... a rock and roll illiterate strolls through the hallowed halls of BtP and reeks havoc ... I am still blown away and tickled to death.

"Right now Beyond The Pale is having space/money/y2k compliance problems and needs to find a new 'home' or at least a good sponsor ... "

This is one of the messages that I started sending to any e-mail address that I thought might be able to come to the aid of our dearly-loved website. I was totally fooled and completely depressed by the 'One-Hit' page.

I could hardly stand looking at that kind of cyber-trashy environment and thinking it could play host to BtP! For two guys who produce such a first-rate website, you sure know about what we in the US call kitsch! And if I spelled it incorrectly ... well, blame Rockin John!

I take off my Homburg in the presence of two masters!

I was really saddened and sickened by it while I was in a state of unsuredness. It was SO cheap and SO crass and SO tawdry that I thought perhaps things were really desperate

Well ... ya got me again and I woke up that morning and said to myself that I should beware of things that are too obvious. Then again, BtP means an awful lot to me and has made my life so much the better. It would have been so tragic to be "Unstuffed" at the site of the ONE HIT BLUNDERS!! AWESOME ... simply awesome.

Every fibre of my being told me that this was all another elaborate hoax. But since you carried the deception over until April 2, I allowed myself to give in and let you have your way with me.

I regret to inform you that I have dispatched my two Balkan thugs to the UK to issue your requisite and well-deserved thrashing. Protest is futile. I warned you of Jens' similar fate last year. Now, my cerebral jokester, take your medicine like a man!.

PS Should you fall into the sea on April 1, 2000, you will see me waving as you go under.

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