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Danish Procoholics travel to the USA

Henrik Gøttrup • May 2010

Henrik – familiar to many as the Procoholic host when Procol Harum played the 'Beyond the Pale' party at Domus Felix in 2006, following the Ledreborg orchestral concerts – writes:

'Having returned from our journey to California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona I just want to say this: Procoholism is not just an addiction to the wonderful music by Procol Harum: it’s also friendship across borders. We had the opportunity to have lunch with Allen Edelist and family plus Jeremy Gilien. A wonderful time for all spent in an 'English pub' (neutral territory considering it was Danes and Americans meeting).  Memories of Ledreborg and other wonderful stories in abundance. On our journey I also caught glimpses of Procol influence in business and Las Vegas (Pandora’s Box and Planet Hollywood): see pictures!'

Henrik in front of sacred ground: The Grateful Dead’s hang-out in the late 60s and beginning of the 70s

PH boutique (?!) in the San Francisco Mall

To the right of the picture, a poster for PH playing here in Las Vegas?

The “famous” gas station in Hackberry, Arizona on the old Route 66.
A living museum of that particular road’s influence on music.

Helle, Mrs Pat Edelist and Jeremy Gilien wondering what to order for
lunch in “Ye Olde King’s Head” in Santa Monica.

Helle seems content with her choice of lunch

Allen and Henrik having a drink, waiting for the food

Pat ordering, with Jeremy approving her choice

Having all been fed, a happy and content gathering of Palers poses for the 'family' picture

This was just before the Danes – Laura, Helle and Henrik – had to leave for Los Angeles International Airport
to fly back to Lejre (they beat the ash-cloud and got home safely).

The beautiful young ladies are the Edelist daughters, Sydney and Adrian, and (far left) Laura from Lejre

More snaps of Palers' get-togethers

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