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A Procol Harum fan's recommendation

Elizabeth Bryson on O V Wright

OV Wright ... a Memphis soul singer, one of the best! It seems he has influenced quite a few soul/blues/gospel singers, but he doesn't seem to be widely known ... Procol Harum share something in common with him as they are a band that has clearly influenced many other bands and musicians, but in general they are not well known outside of A Whiter Shade of Pale.

Most of OV Wright's music was recorded in the 60s and into the 70s. He is a soul singer in every sense of the word, as true and profound soul is delivered through his voice when he sings a song. He sings his heart out and the emotion he conveys is raw, genuine and powerful. As anyone who has heard the music of Procol Harum knows, especially those who have heard Procol in concert know (get the Danish National Orchestra and Choir CD or DVD!), Gary Brooker also sings his heart out with passion, honesty and sincerity.

Nothing pretentious or false with Procol Harum, and the same goes with OV Wright. The music is true and deep and all laid out there beautifully for the listener.

There have been various collections that have been released of OV Wright's since his passing in 1980. A great starter collection is OV Wright, Giant of Southern Soul 1965-1975. Highly recommended songs to listen to: Poor Boy, You're Gonna Make Me Cry, Eight Men Four Women, I'm Going Home (To Live With God) and, Gone For Good – an absolute masterpiece.

Also, not on this collection but (can be found on Kent Records, Cellar of Soul), OV Wright did the original version of, That's How Strong my Love Is which Otis Redding later did a brilliant version of, but ...  have a listen ... extraordinary ...

Find OV Wright recordings at Amazon USA or at Amazon UK. Listening list: 1965 If It's Only For Tonight / 1967 8 Men And 4 Women / 1968 Nucleus of Soul / 1971 A Nickel and a Nail and Ace of Spades / 1973 Memphis Unlimited / 1977 Into Something I Can't Shake Loose / 1977 The Wright Stuff  / 1978 The Bottom Line / 1979 0.V. Wright Live / 1979 We're Still Together


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