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Shades reunion?

from The Southend Standard, September 2005

Plans for a reunion
Further to the picture you printed, taken outside the Shades in 1964, and the enjoyable letters published in response, my neighbour, Vicky Vaughan, suggested I organise a reunion. I see so many people had the same idea, so I am organising a night, probably in November, at the Ekco Social Club. 

The function hall will take around 150 people and I thought a DO and a band would add to the atmosphere.  If you are interested in attending, give me a ring, on 01702-464383, or e-mail me at:

It’ll be good to see a lot of the old faces again – and maybe we can get a few surprise guests along, too?

Tickfield Avenue

Who’s the girl in Val’s much-travelled snap?
I have been reading the letters from readers about the rock’n’roll years in Southend. The letters – and especially the one from Jenny Campbell – have brought back a lot of great memories.

Tiny picture of The Paramounts up in the top left-hand cornerYes, I remember your dad, Denny and his El Capri (coffee bar) and also going to the dances at The London. This photo was take [sic] outside the Capri.  I’m the blonde in the middle and one of the girls with me is my friend, Jan. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the other girl’s name.

I left Southend in 1972, to live in South Africa and came back to the UK in 1997, so my photos have travelled quite a distance with me.

Incidentally, does anyone remember the Pop Inn, opposite Westcliff station, or Mimi Green’s in the London Road?  No-one has mentioned them yet. I still go to Mimi Green’s – now called the Opus Rooms – to the salsa club.  Talk about things coming full circle!

Jan, if you’re out there, I would love to hear from you – and also anyone else from those days who might remember me.

Seaforth Grove

Thanks, John; and Jill, for the typing

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