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Out of the Flood

From a Paler in Venezuela

Unusually this year there hasn't been a Gary Brooker charity gig ... but Palers might well like to respond to this heart-felt plea from Procoholic Guillermo in flood-ravaged Venezuela.

Dear Roland:
Thanks for your interest in my well-being; It has been a great tragedy for my Country but I am sure we will be able to rebuilt what we lost because, after all, we are not alone, as a country and as people, like Beverly and you have exemplified.

Since you showed concern for what happened in Venezuela because of the flood, I kindly ask you to post the note below in your website, so anybody willing to help us can find a convenient way to make a donation. Feel free to edit it in order to fit available space in your server, please and add my e-mail address: so I can write later a thank-you note.

Thanks again
You already know about the flood that we had 7 days ago in Venezuela (14 days of continuous rain). 8 states were affected, we are talking of the greatest disaster of this century in Latin America , from 10,000 to 30,000 deaths and
more than 120,000 persons lost their home.

If you, your companies or friends are willing to give my country a hand (from one cent up it is needed and well received) it is possible through:

First Union National Bank
Venezuelan Relief Fund / Inundaciones Diciembre
Account Number: 2000002966991
(ABA 054001220)

Also by cheques payable to CITGO Petroleum Venezuelan Disaster Relief Fund (Account number: 39546300) and sent to the following address:

Energy One Federal Credit Union
619 One Warren Place
6100 South Yale, Ave.
Tulsa, OK, 74136

Donations to the Red Cross Venezuela Floods Appeal can be made by calling 1-800 811 700 toll-free or by mail to GPO Box 9949 in any capital city.

Rigg's Bank
Account Name: "Venezuelan Relief Fund"
Sort Code 40 - 61 - 53
Account: 75151012
Address: West End Office
60 St. James's Street
London SW1A 1LE

Credit Cards UK
UNICEF: Venezuelan Flood Victims
Tel: 0345 312 312

British Red Cross: Venezuelan Flood Victims
Tel.: 0870 444 3 444

Also in all countries the Red Cross has a special account where anyone can make a donation.

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