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The Paramounts in Wuppertal, Germany

Wuppertal's General Anzeiger, 12 September 1966

This article offers only a very brief glimpse of The Paramounts, playing in the German town where Gary Brooker would return with Procol Harum in 2013.
Note that they're not included in the billing ... and wonder if this bulletin gives a clue towards the reasons that the band
did not endure much longer. Also enjoy the rather extraordinary way in which a 1966 journalist portrays the young
audience and the artists involved. And why are the Paramounts described as being 'six-headed'?

‘Hot Beats’ excited 1,000 young Beat-Fans: Tour of International Crooners guested in the Thalia

Alongside large-sized photos of the Beat-Society, which were offered by a resourceful young man, about 1,000 young people were moving to the ‘Thalia’ to witness two hours of musical surprises. ‘For young people today’ is the motto of a tour that promoter Karl Buchmann rushes throughout the country.

It was a ‘cold start with full throttle’ which The Magics, without Drafi Deutscher, performed in the thankless task as starter to the audience. But with success, as the likeable Berliners, long time standing in the shadow of Deutscher, demonstrated – with the tracks Wild Thing and Strong Love – that they can be accounted to the best German Beat-Bands.

Elisa Gabbai, runner-up in the ‘German Pop-Song Festival’, black-haired ‘Three-octave Voice-Wonder’ from Israel, and the popular German Teenager-Star Marion ‘beateten’ prosperous against their male Tour-Competitors.

Then the temperature was right. In leisure suit of a mediaeval English servant at court, purple velvet and buckled shoes of same colour, Graham Bonney – with the number Super Girl registered in the ranking list of national Beat-singers – taught the audience effectively and ‘hard’ the Beat of English school. To his assistance he brought along from England a tenor sax-player.

‘We now do a nice children’s game,’ shouted the bass-player of the Rainbows from Berlin: but fortunately he didn’t take it literally. The comment ‘Folk is dead’, which floated a bit awkwardly throughout the air , was followed by a Folk and Protest song. This comment couldn’t be unsaid, even by the number Balla-Balla, which was performed in three-four time.

‘The Paramounts’, six-headed (!! ??) offspring from England, produced fresh and amusing hot music, till Chris Andrews – on the poster headliner and last in the programme – composer and front-runner of the English charts, sold to the audience his success Yesterday Man and To whom it concerns. Exquisite fun.

The obvious highlight of the event was at once the end.

And as the audience left the ‘Thalia’, outside in front of the door the young resourceful man was still, or again, standing and offered his photos of the great people of Beat.

Thanks, Michael Ackermann, for finding and translating this piece into English

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The Paramounts

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