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AWSoP in Swedish

Lars Johansson for BtP

As far as I know this is the only translation to Swedish of AWSoP that has been recorded in Swedish. I know of, and remember the Telstars as quite a big pop- and rockband in Sweden during the 60s, but they haven't left much of a trace through the years.

 More interesting is the guy responsible for the translation, namely Mr Lars Tennander. In 1967 when this Telstar-record and this Sheet-music was released I don't think anyone have ever heard of Lars Tennander. But, when I returned to Sweden 1977, after a year as a volunteer at a Kibbutz in Israel,  I came home to The Hit of the Year. All my friends that I visited when coming home were humming this song by the 'newcomer' Lasse Tennander.

I bought his record as soon as I could and found a totally new kind of progressive music in Swedish. At this time it was still very unusual to produce pop and rock music in Swedish for the young Swedish audience, because pop and rock and roll in Swedish sounded stupid. But Lasse was one of the first that could write Swedish texts to his own rock music, that we Swedes could take to our hearts, and enjoy, and really like and listen to, as important Swedish texts to very good music.....

His hit from 1977, Alla är vi barn i början (We are all kids at the beginning) would be a perfect song for Gary and the rest of today's Procol, if someone could translate it to English.

Lasse Tennander still makes records, even though he's not as big as he was in the 70s, but the music he does today, he does with the same big heart as when he was young. And his records from the 70s have a special file among my other records.

I got very surprised when I got hold of this Sheet music, and saw on the first page that Lars Tennander was the writer of the Swedish lyrics, eight or nine years before he got really big, but not surprised. Because if there is someone in this world that can produce lyrics like Keith Reid in his own language, this person could be Lasse Tennander. Here you can find lots of stuff......

Lars (Lasse) Johansson, Ystad, Sweden.


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