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BJ Wilson, Procol Harum's drummer

Kindly sent to 'BtP' by BJ's sister and brother

We conclude this October 2001 series of BJ pictures with a page featuring photographs from the collections of Pam and Richard, siblings of the great percussionist. Several of these images were mementos that both had kept copies of.

Sister and fan! This is Pam's membership card of the UK's Procol Harum National Fan Club.

BJ of course was not to witness the International Fan Club that is 'Beyond the Pale', though its ever-spreading tentacles would surely have appealed to the Octopus in the Bathtub.

Jim K observes that this is apparently a field of corn, not of wheat ...

Procol Harum, lost amidst a sea of wheat this was the picture on the other side of the Fan Club Membership Card

Where's Keith?

Brooker and Trower, Fisher Knights and Wilson: a very nice copy indeed of one of the most widely-circulated 'Mediaeval Spacemen' photo-shoots. Nobody looks particularly happy in this attire. This was before the days when Keith Reid was photographed with the group: there seems to be a place awaiting him behind Matthew. We wonder what his costume would have been like

Somewhat moody

In truth of course The Fool (the Dutch hippie couple Seemon and Marijke) designed only five costumes; there never was a sixth for Keith Reid. Whenever you see these costumes the pictures were taken between August and October 1967. When Procol promoted Homburg throughout Europe they wore these clothes, and also at the famous Bilzen gig in Belgium (26 August 1967), the first time Trower and Wilson played live with Procol. Soon after they had finished the Homburg promotion they dropped the clothes. Very difficult to work out what the setting is here
the seats look like benches out of a charabanc.
(Thanks, Frans)

The Fool assured Roland from BtP that there was a costume for Keith Reid, in fact: see the liner notes for the Procol box set, All This and More

Markedly less ostrobogulous attire

A leap forward in time note the wedding ring

Alan Cartwright, Keith Reid, BJ, Chris Copping, Mick Grabham, Gary Brooker happy days
Note that Barrie is wearing the rhinestoned shirt made by Unsteady Freddie

Let me sign that for you ...

Left: BJ obliges a fan with his autograph; right, Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson

BJ's page at BtP

BJ's sister's scrapbook

BJ's brother's scrapbook

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