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The Ghosts of A Whiter Shade of Pale

Truimphant victors in our guesswork quiz win free copy of Henry Scott-Irvine's fine book ... plus!

The two winners in our puzzle sponsored by our kind friends at Omnibus Press – from among the many names that were put into the BtP Homburg – are Tony O'Prey from Co. Down and Wilfried van Damme from the Netherlands (bass-player on the first-ever song performed by the Palers' Band). Well done them!

Please send us your 'real' world addresses and we'll get the parcel in the mail to you, containing  Henry's Procol Biography and the rather fine new Classic Rock Posters (60 Years of Posters, Flyers & Handbills 1952–2012) which is also published by Omnibus Press in November 2012.

How to play:
you just had to use your skill, judgment, Google and (mostly) outright guesswork to answer the following five simple multiple-choice questions: the correct answers are highlighted in red


How many times does the word ‘alleged’ (or variants like ‘allege’, ‘allegedly’ etc) occur in the book?

[a] under twenty
[b] over fifty


How many times does the wording '' occur in the book?

Yes, the website address gets one single mention, in a footnote somewhere

[c] under two
[d] over sixty


Which one of these Procol fans is not
mentioned in the book?

[e] Bert Saraco
[f] Niels-Erik Mortensen
[g] Unsteady Freddie


Which celeb from the world of film
is not mentioned in the book?

[h] Alan Parker
[i] Martin Scorsese
[j] Buster Keaton


Whose parents had the forenames
 'Leslie' and 'Milly' according
to the book?

[k] Keith Reid
[l] Matt Pegg
[m] Christiane Legrand

Maybe all the people who got this right were guided by the fact that the answer was given on the puzzle page, by way of an example? We like to make things easy for you, and we apologise to anybody who overlooked this.

How to win: just send five letters of the alphabet (for instance [acgjk] or whatever you think is right) to

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