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Never Too Old to Rock

New Mickey Jupp / Legend album • Autumn 2008

The new Mickey Jupp/Legend CD: Never Too Old to Rock is finally ready. The official release date is 1 March 2009 but (writes John Bobin) 'I have an advance copy here and we are all really pleased with it'.

The album features the following musicians:

* Mickey Jupp (lead vocals, guitar and keyboards)
* Mo Witham (guitar)
* John Bobin (bass guitar)
* Bobby Clouter (drums)
* Chris East (vocals and acoustic guitar)
* Alan Beecham (additional keyboards)

Full details are available at and

Here is an extract from Chris East’s site, from which the CD can be ordered if you or yours want to splash out a measly tenner!

The album is being mastered this week, the cover sleeve has been designed, the studio has been tidied up, the beer cans ditched and it will be on its way to the printers in the next week or so, so ... make sure you register for your copy which is only available through this web site. To register simply email us at

The album cover has been designed by Bobby Clouter from an idea by Jackie East (Make sure your order is in for the album...) Never Too Old to Rock

Never too Old to Rock is the new album by Legend.

This is the first all-new Legend CD for 36 years. Musicians featured on the album include Mickey Jupp, Mo Witham, Bobby Clouter and Paler John Bobin (all in Legend many moons ago) with some additional help from Alan Beecham (who played with Mo, John and Bobby in The Fingers over forty years ago.)

Chris East (who played in the acoustic line up of Legend in the late sixties) has masterminded this project and Barry Vernon was the producer.

Orders are now being taken for the album via Chris East’s Mickey Jupp website. To register for your copy, simply email

The price will be a maximum of £10 including postage within the European Union – nominal postage fees to other countries. No advance payment required. 





Album cover designed by Bobby Clouter (from an idea by Jackie East)

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