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Paramounts pictures:

Contributed to BtP by Larry Pennisi

This is the rear insert of The Paramounts at Abbey Road CD set. It's a wonderfully packaged collection, carefully detailed and lovingly prepared. A must-have, even though some of the tracks are rough and unflattering.
This originally styled CD label is what studio work-up sheets looked like in days of old. Again, the attention to detail is laudable. Track listings, dates, times and all manner of studio sundry can be found. The CD is as much fun to look at as it is to listen to.
The familiar faces of seminal Procol Harum, with then bass player, Diz Derrick, in their questionably tasteful sport coats. PH as moptops! Had The Paramounts really been successful, it could have turned out quite differently. I can't seem to handle the idea of Sixteen Magazine featuring our Regal Zonophoners on the Teen Scene Hot Picks List or whatever flavor-of-the-day type of selling tool may be in question. "Wot mate? Another five million birds want autographs?"
Another mod/gear shot from the lavishly illustrated CD insert booklet. Not much to say about this except to remind all and sundry that bass player Diz Derrick went on to pursue an academic career in music, earning his Masters in the field.
Phil Wainman, (with glasses on left) takes over the drum stool and gets to wear BJ's stripey blazer.
 Another posed publicity shot of the boys. Note that the drum kit that our beloved BJ is sitting at is the same as the one he used with Procol Harum until 1971.

The Mother of Pearl set, that made Ringo recognisable, was taken to new heights of percussive glory under the watchful octopian eye of the truly unique BJ Wilson

And finally, a local advert of the time beckoning all to join the Paramounts, the Merseybeats and the Spartans at the Wednesbury Youth Centre.

I wonder if Gazza has any live recordings of any of these Paramountian Presentations?


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