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Procol Harum pictures: 2

Contributed to BtP by Larry Pennisi

Gary Brooker ... in a moment of madness ?


From an article in Crawdaddy magazine (Shining On Brightly, by John Mendelson): taken during the Salty Dog tour in 1969.

'Brooker's singing is utterly incredible. He is the only white rock singer in memory who shares Stevie Winwood's facility for sounding quite naturally black without the slightest noticeable strain. And, like Winwood's his voice knows no upper bounds, and is capable of reaching a full searing octave above the last note you'd expect it to be able to hit comfortably.' Crawdaddy 1969


An archival picture of Matthew sitting outside. This was from a review of I'll Be There in 1974 calling Matthew's crucifixion mockery that of '... a somnambulist zombie...'.

Still, it gave the album generally high marks.


Matthew in 1973 or so. The full photo depicts him in what appears to be record company offices. He is seen poring over the artwork to Journey's End prior to its release.

'I couldn't for the life of me think of a way to end it (Pilgrim's Progress), except for the very obvious way, which would have been to go back to the beginning bit. That would have been anti-climactic. Even before I finished writing the song I had that sort of closing bit in mind for the end. It may look as if it were stuck on as an afterthought ... but it wasn't.' Crawdaddy 1969


David Knights, from the inside cover of a Rock Organ book on popular music from the late 60s.

'Matthew Fisher sat boredly cleaning his fingernails and David Knights looked, as usual, as if he were on the verge of speaking (which he never ever does) while Keith Reid concluded: "It's as if we're a figment of everybody's imagination ..."'

Crawdaddy 1969


1967: this is the original photo from which that famous watercolor was made of our beloved BJ Wilson


Robin explained to me [the writer] that with the group cutting down everyone had developed stronger playing styles. 'I mean, it really doesn't matter when we did our thing or if everyone heard it if the people who heard it dug it ... then it's still alive in their memories.'

Crawdaddy Magazine during the Home tour, 1970


Robin Trower in costume 1967 press release


Gary, Matthew and Keith in the heyday of psychedelia.


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