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Procol Harum pictures: 9

Contributed to BtP by Larry Pennisi

Again released on Deram, this Italian picture sleeve for AWSoP is suitably psychedelicized. Interestingly, Bobby Harrison's head is larger than everyone else's in the group and he was not even on the record. And the befuddlement only grew ... and grew.


This sorry-looking item is an original Paramounts 45 of I'm the One Who Loves You. Sleeve and record are visualised.

It is one of three Paramounts singles won in an auction for 25 dollars in 1979 or so. The flip side of it is the Brooker/Trower composition, It Won't Be Long.


Knights and Trower at the Fillmore East on 27 June 1969. RT was wearing what appeared to be bright green corduroy pants. Mr Knights was resplendent in fitting black. The organ did not work at first that night, and the show was delayed as technicians twiddled Leslie tubes and sundries. Then the announcer came on (Bill Graham if I recall) and simply said ... 'When nice people get together to play nice music, you have ... Procol Harum.' And yes ... Shine On Brightly was quite impressive!


 This picture disc, featuring the Procol lineup, was released in 1979 by Cube / Flyback records. The painting on it is obviously rendered from one of the group' early photos. Too bad BJ has the record spindle hole through his nose though. The tracks are AWSoP, Homburg and Conqusitador. I have only played the first ten seconds or so of it once so as not to damage the picture surface of the disc.


One of my all-time favorite pictures of Gary from Crawdaddy, 1970. Considering that Home was riddled with death references, this picture of him perusing The Vault of Horror is all the more entertaining. It was probably planned to be amusing by the clever Messrs Brooker and Reid.


The most recent reincarnation of the Hollywood Bowl bootleg CD. Mick Grabham, Alan Cartwright, a banjo-wielding Chris Copping and BJ comprise the cover art.

Perhaps the makers of this product thought that Procol Harum was a four piece band: guitar, banjo, bass and drums. Hmm.


This is the companion picture to the Bud Scoppa article called Around and about Procol Harum.


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