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Procol Harum's 30th Birthday Party

A miscellany of early postings ... growing excitement!

28 March 1997 Updated info below!
Seating plan for Harlequin Theatre
Where are we all seated. Find your friend!
Informal Get-together Friday 18th! (July)

Procol Harum 30th Anniversary to be celebrated on July 19 at The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill, England


July 19th 1997 A 30 Year Procol Harum Celebration Party!

Calling all Procol fans World-wide As you know, 1997 marks the 30th Anniversary of the formation of the band and the release of A Whiter Shade of Pale. We couldn't let this go unmarked so we have arranged to hold a great Procol party! Shine On has hired a professional theatre...and hope to see as many of our as can possibly come, including our international friends. The event will run as follows:

Performance you are wondering? We intend to invite everyone who has ever played with Procol! We have commitment to the day already from Gary, Matthew and Mick Grabham. At the time of writing we don't know exactly what the performance will be...and who might be joining Gary onstage.

Tickets go on sale at The Harlequin Box Office (01737 765547) from April 1st. Shine On is running the event on a non-profit basis we calculated ticket costs as follows: Cost of the theatre (including grand piano) and technical staff + this special mail-out + hire of PA + buffet (value of 8 pounds) and come up with 20 pounds per ticket which we hope you will consider good value. A licensed bar will be open throughout the event, and there will be many items of merchandise available in the foyer. Maximum capacity is just 480 so EARLY BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.

The Harlequin Theatre
Warwick Quadrant, Redhill Surrey
Box Office Phone 01737 765547

Access and Visa [credit cards] are welcome and tickets may be purchased by phone, in person or by post. Diane also asks: "Do you know the whereabouts of any former Procol band members? If so please write to Diane as soon as possible."

Diane Rolph
Rustles 9 Bushetts Grove
Merstham Surrey RH1 3DX

Facsimile of the Shine On invitation letter. Showing map and hotel info

Seating plan for Harlequin Theatre


Here's something that (Pat Keating) posted:

... here is an update I recently received from Diane Rolph of the "Shine On" newsletter:

Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher, and Mick Grabham are still confirmed, as are now Graham Broad (drums) and Matthew Pegg (bass). They are currently trying to contact Alan Cartwright and others. Diane says: "The most exciting one who is *probably* coming is Chris Copping, who as you may know, now lives in Australia."

I (PHAST, not Diane Rolph) also received a note from Pete Solley saying that he would also *probably* attend, and to let the appropriate people know. (I guess that means I have to write to Diane Rolph!) Pete said that he spoke to Gary Brooker recently (when Ringo & Co. came Pete's way), and they decided it would be fun to do "Something Magic" and "Strangers In Space" on July 19th, since those songs are also part of the Procol Harum history. Pete also said that Gary said that ".... they still don't know about Robin Trower or Copping ...." (I guess that means that Robin is at least contemplating being there?!) ...

Peter Solley has now confirmed that he is coming
Keith Reid is coming

June 1st (updated July 14th)

Get-together on Friday 18th July for early arrivals.
Please meet at lobby in Lakers Toby Hotel, Redhill at seven (evening)!

Are you going to the Procol Harum 30 year celebration?
We will arrange an informal get-together in Redhill on the evening of Friday 18th. Many attendants for the 30 year celebration will arrive Friday or earlier. This is certainly the case for international visitors.

I have arranged with Diane Rolph of the "Shine On" newsletter to make a suitable reservation for all early arrivals (most likely at Lakers Toby hotel, Redhill).For an informal get-together Friday evening.

I hope as many as possible will use this opportunity to have a chat and a beer (or whatever) with other Procol Harum friends. In order to make reservation for a suitable place, we hope to know how many of you are coming on the get-together Friday 18th.

If possible, please let me know ASAP by e-mail or write to:

Jens Anders Ravnaas
Bekkedalen 7
N-4638 Kristiansand, Norway

All welcome!

Shine On!

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