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Winners of Procol Harum on DVD and CD ... six discs in all

Live at the Union Chapel • tenth-anniversary reissue • Salvo SVX017 

60 people entered a competition to win a copy of this newly-issued CD/DVD ! That was just the runner-up prize; the first prize was the new CD/DVD and a copy of the Procol Harum 4-disc box set

You just needed to look at these five simple clues (this liner note, and text here, might have been helpful) and be as careful as you can be when determining the answers. We've highlighted the correct answer in each case

The drummer at this concert was ...
a) Mark Brzezicki (correct)
b) Geoff Dunn
c) Sophia Loren

The words of the songs are by ...
a) Keith Reid  (correct)
b) Pete Brown
d) Len McCluskey

This concert took place the same day as ...
a) Gary Brooker got his MBE at the Tower of London
b) Matthew Fisher played his last public Procol Harum show  (correct)
c) Matt Pegg played on US TV with Jethro Tull

The Union Chapel itself has been open since ...
a) 1876
b) 1877  (correct)
c) Last Wednesday

The guitarist at this concert was ...
a) Geoff Whitethorn
c) Gough Whitlam
b) Geoff Whitehorn  (correct)

Be sure to send your verdict to using this dedicated link, and after Friday 19 July we'll be drawing two very lucky winners' names from the BtP Homburg. Good luck!
When you sent us your answer, all we wanted was a single letter, (a), (b) or (c). The question was: Which letter, (a), (b) or (c), represented the highest number of correct answers?

Clearly, as shewn above, the correct answers were a, a, b, b, and b: the predominant 'correct' letter, therefore, was (b) ... as many readers doubtless inferred from the absurd over-use of the word 'be' in the text on this page.

Congratulations to the 21 people who got this right, including: Charlie A, Dave A, David A, Matthew A, Michel B, Barbara B, Keith C, Marvin C, Peter C, Dalton G, Pat K, David K, Axel L, Irving L, Carl M, Donald M, John O, Otto R and Heidi W.

Special congratulations, though, to Per Olov Österlind, whose name was first out of the BtP Homburg, and who wins the Union Chapel reissue, and the Procol box set.

And also to Al Semok, who, as the runner-up, gets the Union Chapel two-disc reissue itself.

Would those two winners please send their 'real-world' addresses, and we'll get the prizes on their way to them early next week.

Thanks to Chas at Salvo Records by whose generosity we are able to offer such fine prizes!

This morning's Glamorous Assistant (right) was none other than four year-old Ms Alice Kermode, from Long Beach, California, who happened to arrive at BtP's UK HQ at the opportune moment (her father, Lloyd, played memorable guitar on Goin' Down Slow with the Palers' Band ten years ago).

And for those who didn't get lucky this time, you can just buy the Union Chapel double-album reissue at an excellent price from 'Beyond the Pale': click here.

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