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A Procol Harum Make Their Mark in Denmark on CD & DVD

The Ledreborg DVD reviewed by Laura Lynch (June 2009) online at Soundpress

Procol Harum are considered by many to be one of the forefathers of symphonic rock. Their music is a fusion of blues, classical, pop and rock. Founded by Gary Brooker in the 1960s, the band has been through many line-up changes but has stood the test of time thanks to creative compositions and the classic Whiter Shade of Pale.

In the summer of 2006, Procol Harum played a two-night engagement on the luxuriant grounds of Denmarkís Ledreborg Castle. The band performed career spanning sets enhanced and expanded upon by the Danish National Concert Orchestra and Choir. Procol Harumís music was aptly suited for full orchestration and the addition of many instruments and voices added to the complexity and color of their catalogue.

In May of 2009, Eagle Rock Entertainment released CD and DVD versions of the concerts entitled Procol Harum In Concert With The Danish National Concert Orchestra & Choir. The CD includes many of Procol Harumís better known songs and two never before released tunes (Into The Flood and Sympathy [sic] For The Hard of Hearing).

The DVD features many of the songs from the CD with the added visual elements of the concert. The DVD has fifteen tracks from the Ledreborg shows and six songs that appeared on Danish TV in 1974. The contrast of the times demonstrates that the band in one of its early rock incarnations was insightful. Yet, years later Procol Harum still brings intensity and intrigue to their music.

The DVD opens with an expansive and extravagant interpretation of Grand Hotel blending soaring guitar solos with brilliant, bold orchestration. The Castle concerts mix ballads, blues and rock interspersed with a few comments from Gary. Into The Flood was a rousing rocker enhanced by robust work from the choir and orchestra. A Whiter Shade of Pale and Conquistador were strongly seasoned.

The DVD is well filmed with varied shots of Brooker, the band, the crowd and the Danish National Concert Orchestra and Choir. The sound is clean and concise adding to the lavish, lush lyrical versions of Procol Harumís catalogue that still compels fans four decades later.

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