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Broken Barricades competition

The Salvo reissues giveaway, August 2009

The very genial people at Salvo Records sent BtP this excellent album to give away. As with all BtP's competitions, you simply had to read and enact a simple instruction, and send us a message consisting of a number ... and this handsome recording could have been yours! Click on the image to see what tracks are on the album ... that's the info you needed ...

As is our wont, we were asking you to listen carefully to some music (of course, the real album sounds a whole lot better than our compressed mp3 that follows)

Click here to listen to an mp3 medley of the songs on the album (left). You'll hear that some songs are excerpted more than once, but no track  has been used more than once. And one track has been completely missed out ... so the number of that track is what you needed to send us.

Click here to send us the number of the track that's missing from our medley representing this Salvo re-issue album. The competition ended at 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 11 August 2009.

If your answer was correct we put your name in a hat, and conducted the draw early on Wednesday 12 August – the glorious twelfth – and the first name out of the hat won Broken Barricades !

It has to be said, there were some mildly baffling answers to this conundrum. A lot of people sent words, rather than a number (which risks ambiguity when some titles occur twice on the album); equally, several competitors sent a track number with a song-title that didn't correspond. So although there were lots of responses – it's obviously a popular and covetable CD – the BtP Homburg was relatively unburdened with correct answers.


What you actually heard: (diagram above)
10 Simple Sister (raw track with random guitar from Trower at the start) • 8 Poor Mohammed • 11 Poor Mohammed (backing track, no vocal) • 1 Simple Sister (complete with chattering pianos ... therefore Track 1) • 4 Luskus Delph • 9 Broken Barricades (long fade, recognisable by the exciting and strange new rhythm BJ sets up) •  7 Playmate of The Mouth (brass ending) • 5 Power Failure (drum solo) • 12 Song For a Dreamer (King Jimi) (backing track, no voices) • 6 Song For a Dreamer (with singing) • 3 Memorial Drive (the end of the song)

Solution and winner:
So what was missing? The regular version of Broken Barricades ... so the desired answer was simply '2' ... and the lucky winner from the hat was Alan Matthews. Please send us your 'real' world address, and this delectable item will soon be with you!

Congratulations to all the other proto-winners who were not selected, and commiserations to the many entrants whose answers were 'differently correct' ... hope you enjoy the album from some other source (suggestions here)

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