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Christmas Conundrums : Nothing but the Truth!

Twelfth Night 1999: rare Procol Harum songs

Only one of these statements about Procol's unreleased rarities is true. Make a note of the letter that corresponds to it, and then you'll have all the information you need to go ahead and win! There's a clue at the foot of the page in case you need it. Read the statements carefully and remember Sherlock Holmes's principle that once you have discounted the impossible, what remains, however improbable, will be the truth!

Please note that there was earlier an unintentional error (!) in one of the Salty Dog statements, which we have now removed. You might want to read them again? (thanks, Richard!)

Full instructions on how to win are here, so decide what you most want from our list of fab prizes, and good luck!

Only one of these statements is true! Make a note of the corresponding letter


A La Carte: the cart in question was towed through the streets during the Stoke Poges carnival, peopled by convincing waxworks of the band, which threw the local people into a superstitious panic.


A Real Attitude: this unreleased Prodigal Stranger out-take was played live at Guildford 1998 as a duet between Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher, and Robin Trower.


A Robe of Silk: this was included as a hidden track on some pressings of Home: your stylus had to hit on the right spiral groove in order to hear it.


Fish Dinner for Two: the text for this song is a translation (into Portuguese) of The Sermon on the Mount from the Book of Revelations.


I'm a Reader and a Writer: only Brooker / Reid tune to have been covered (as of December 1999) by the Spice Girls.


Last Train to Niagara: this live 90s favourite is simply the Monkees' hit Last Train to Clarksville overlaid with the tumult of cascading water


Musical Fish: named after a restaurant in Osaka, Japan, where Brooker and friends were surprised to encounter eleven singing halibuts.


One Eye on the Future: like Alpha, the band's other one-eyed song, this track will cure short-sightedness if played at deafening volume.


Sayonara was Keith Reid's spoken track, recorded for, then cut from, the Grand Hotel album, based on a tombstone-inscription reported to Procol Harum by Gary Brooker's mum.


So Far Behind: original title of the painting by Jakob Bogdani that was commissioned for 'Diaspora' the 1978 follow-up album to Something Magic, that was never finished


Stoke Poges: this was actually the name of Guy Stephens's left knee. The other one was called Obie Clayton.


This Old Dog: The dog in question was a St Bernard named 'Christianne' who befriended the band while they were filming the ski sequences in the film Help!


Well I ...: a beautiful version of this number is sung by Art Garfunkel in the movie of Watership Down.


You Better Wait: played live by Procol Harum in Aylesbury, 27 March 1986 in tribute to their departing lighting-supervisor, whose name was Steve
Clue of the day: follow links from here, though we leave you to work out for yourself which of the above questions this will help you with!

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