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Christmas Conundrums 2002

Question of the Day : Christmas Day

Happy Christmas!

Over the twelve days of Christmas we are setting quiz questions about the following Procolesque albums (only): Procol Harum 1967, Shine on Brightly, A Salty Dog, Home, Broken Barricades, Live at Edmonton, Grand Hotel, Exotic Birds and Fruit, Procol's Ninth, Something Magic, The Prodigal Stranger, The Long Goodbye, and The Well's on Fire.

Carefully read and answer the questions below. The answer is always the name of one of the Procol albums listed above. If you get the questions right you will find that the answers are all different, except one. To put it another way, just two of the answers will be the same, and that's the Album of the Day. To win, just write down the Album of the Day from each instalment, and on the last day we shall tell you what to do with them, in order to win your choice from the list of Fab Prizes.

Preamble over: here are today's nine questions! Follow the clues if you like, or use the BtP search-engine


An anagram of the title of this album: 'Forbidden taxi rictus'. Great name for an album in its own right, actually. To solve anagrams, take the letters of the proposed phrase and re-arrange them to form a more familiar sequence: eg. 'English toolkit slogans' = 'Lost in the Looking-Glass'


Barrie Wilson shouts 'Rubbish' on this album: clue


Christianne Legrande is heard on this album ... ooh-la-la!


One track from this album was given a sexy, passionate re-interpretation on Lost in the Looking-Glass, the excellent studio-recorded 40-track homage to Procol from the Palers' Project, by British Jazz singer Fran Glendining: rummage about here for a clue


This album comes out on 3 March 2003 and you can pre-order it here


This album contains the sung words, 'Guess you know it's true'. Clue: no point looking on the Keith Reid search engine.


This Procol album cover has a vague visual kinship with one element of Vivian Stanshall's album, Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead. You don't need a clue for this one ... just imagine it.


This album starts as 'that familiar organ rolls/fades in and Keith/Gary starts by apologizing' according to its liner-note ... the BtP search-engine might help here.


You can hear Procol's former right-hand man, Kellogs, conspicuously on this album

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