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Christmas Conundrums 2002

Question of the Day : 30 December

Over the twelve days of Christmas we are setting quiz questions about the following Procolesque albums (only): Procol Harum 1967, Shine on Brightly, A Salty Dog, Home, Broken Barricades, Live at Edmonton, Grand Hotel, Exotic Birds and Fruit, Procol's Ninth, Something Magic, The Prodigal Stranger, The Long Goodbye (The Symphonic Music), and The Well's on Fire.

Carefully read and answer the questions below. The answer is always the name of a Procol album as listed above. If you get them right you will find that the answers are all different, except one. To put it another way, just two of the answers will be the same, and that's the Album of the Day. To win, just write down the Album of the Day from each instalment, and on the last day we shall tell you what to do with them, in order to win your choice from the list of Fab Prizes.

Preamble over: here are today's nine questions! (to find previous questions, look here). Follow the clues if you like, or use the BtP search-engine


This album contains the sung words, 'A never ending bitter gloom'


Fans are looking forward to this album to hear the whole versions of songs from which we can so far hear only excerpts, and that only by subscribing to, and awaiting the latest mailing from, Fresh Fruit


This album contains one track, by Brooker / Fisher / Reid, that had originally appeared on a Gary Brooker solo album


A track from this album was covered in delicate fashion on Lost in the Looking-Glass, the excellent studio-recorded 40-track homage to Procol from the Palers' Project, by a West Country singer/guitarist accompanied by female voice, 'cello and violin


This album cover features a trick of photo-montage ... one musician's head has got the wrong body, and vice versa: clue


This album features extensive sounds from Southenders apparently of a party in progress on one track: for a clue, read this interview


The album in question contains an instrumental track that was also recorded with words on another Procol album. There should be a clue here or here but lamentably there isn't ...


This album starts with a belting track masses of guitar and cowbell that was recorded live to two-track stereo ... and there is a film of Procol Harum miming the said opener on a snowy railway station


This album starts with ornithological cries, though when the band played it live they reportedly sometimes used whale-song. Clue ... it also has something deriving from the sound of a Swiss train on it.

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