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Christmas Conundrums 2003

Question of the Day : 4 January 2004

Over the twelve days of Christmas 2003, our guest-quiz questions are set by Hans Teutiger from Stuttgart, an autograph-hunter with an unrivaled knowledge of Procol gigs down the years. Please read his account below, from which you will be easily able to work where and when he got the autograph he describes. Have you chosen which prizes you most favour? Instructions are here. You will need to do this in advance, in order to be able to send in your answer as soon as you read tomorrow's clue.

When, and where, did I receive my eleventh Procol autograph?

11) Only twenty-three years gap now, until I see Procol Harum again, and never had thought it possible, to do this. I am retired from seafarer's life and travel to England by train. Procol plays in a park, few persons there, wonderful music open to the air with orchester again. Procol is strange with two guitarists and a Saxophone on some songs. Firework magnificently ends the show. Mr Brooker is magic and still remembers me even if we have both changed our visible appearances. Introduces me to many people, some website men that also play Procol songs in an amateur band of 'The Palers', and he introduces me to his new drummer, marvellous, who plays on the CD albumm I am carrying, and signs in the neighborhood of the umbrella. Reigate shunt line took us back to London and train again across the water to my homeland, great start to New Millennium of Procol musics.


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Just make a note of the place and the date that Hans is describing above, and on the final day of the Christmas Conundrums he will give you a simple, extra instruction which will enable you to find the one-word answer to send to 'Beyond the Pale', and claim your choice of our fab prizes yesterday's puzzle is here more tomorrow!

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