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Christmas Conundrums 2003

Question of the Day : Twelfth Night

Over the twelve days of Christmas 2003, our guest-quiz questions were set by Hans Teutiger from Stuttgart, an autograph-hunter with an unrivaled knowledge of Procol gigs down the years. Please read his final account below, from which you will be easily able to work where and when he got the autograph he describes.

When, and where, did I receive my twelfth Procol autograph?

12) Back in my hometown, less as twelve Months ago, with even a new Procol albumm in my pocket once more, and who could ever have thought of it! 23 songs in the concert, a magic night recorded for Radio in addition, and songs like War is Not Healthy that we Germans delight to hear with Iraki conflict on our minds. Many young persons at this gig, I join the line with them for guitarists Autogramm, the great man in the tight trouser! Young people loves Procol. Heritage nuts all delighted to hear this band, not declining like elder statesmen of rock, are as strong as they have ever been, if not stronger: and so I have a bandsman name on every album since Procol started on the road, and have been all across the world, to hear my finest Music.


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You have been making a note of all the places and the dates that Hans has been describing day by day yesterday's puzzle is here and now is the time to convert that information into a one-word answer to send to 'Beyond the Pale', and claim your choice of our fab prizes.

How to win ... read carefully!

Each setlist you have 'collected' contains a little 'thank-you' to the person who sent it in (thanks, Emilia) like that. Revisit the pages; collect the twelve names, and write down the first initial of each one. (If it says 'thanks, Hans', write down 'H'. If it says 'thanks, Bilbo O'Rourke', write down just 'B').

You should have twelve letters written down. Re-arrange them to form the title of a Procol Harum number (the favourite track, incidentally, of Hans Teutiger, the signature hunter) and then send BtP an e-mail containing as a one-word answer the other name by which this number is known. Could hardly be easier, could it ... click here to send your answer ...

Don't send the wrong information! Have you closely followed the instructions? Make sure you let us know your order of preference for the prizes too.

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