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Christmas Conundrums 2003

Question of the Day : Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day!

Over the twelve days of Christmas 2003, our guest-quiz questions are set by Hans Teutiger from Stuttgart, an autograph-hunter with an unrivaled knowledge of Procol gigs down the years. Please read his account below, from which you will be easily able to work where and when he got the autograph he describes.

When, and where, did I receive my second Procol autograph?

2) I have the good luck to work on ships many years, this is how I came to visit other lands and often hear Procol Harum play in great foreign cities which pleased me grossly. At this time I determined to invite my favorite Procolist from each concert to endorse their latest album (so, I had been away from home and did not buy their salty third one yet one). On this one day I heard Procol play two concerts, marvellous of course, and wanted their organist (he was shortly to leave the Gruppe to everyone's grave damage) to endorse my copy (later he rejoined and is composer of my favorite Procol nummer ever). Baking hot East Coast summer, concerts were at a skating rink yet everywhere it was drugs, drugs, drugs, I cannot get to the band. Hugest retina of spaced-out Yankee roadie that I ever had seen, eventually offers my help, and he bringed the album back safely to me with my second treasured Procol Autogramm on it, neat writing just by the piano-picture.


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Just make a note of the place and the date that Hans is describing above, and on the final day of the Christmas Conundrums he will give you a simple, extra instruction which will enable you to find the one-word answer to send to 'Beyond the Pale', and claim your choice of our fab prizes yesterday's puzzle is here more tomorrow!

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