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Christmas Conundrums : Nothing but the Truth!

Christmas Day : songs from the Procol Harum album

Only one of these statements about the songs from the first album is true let common sense guide you if Procol knowledge doesn't. Make a note of the letter that corresponds to the true statement; you will need this letter in order to be able to mail us the solution to the full set of twelve quizzes, which is simply a one-word answer.

There's a clue at the foot of the page in case you need it. Read the statements carefully and remember Sherlock Holmes's principle that once you have discounted the impossible, what remains, however improbable, will be the truth!

Full instructions will be published with the last dose, on 5 January 2000. Meanwhile decide what you most want from our list of fab prizes, and tune in tomorrow for the Shine on Brightly quizzes.

Only one of these statements is true! Make a note of the corresponding letter


Conquistador: the song was rejected by the Beach Boys because they got it wet while surfing and couldn't read all the words


She Wandered Through the Garden Fence: the song literally reports Marianne Faithfull's conduct at Gary's wedding (Marianne modelled for the first album cover)


Something Following Me: widely regarded as the first Brooker / Reid collaboration, this number was in fact written on trombone by Denny Cordell at a Paramounts sound-check


Mabel: a 'Mabel' in British slang is a device for spreading onion-stains evenly across a lace table-cloth: hence the last line of the chorus


Cerdes (Outside the Gates of): In Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of England Cerdes is the mythical ruler of Southend


A Christmas Camel: Charles Dickens has a character called Mr Brooker in his novel entitled 'A Christmas Carol'


Kaleidoscope: this song may be heard over the closing titles of the Warren Beatty film Unite for One Brief Scene made in 1967 with Jean Shrimpton, Lucrezia Borgia, and Carmina Burana


Salad Days (Are Here Again): in British boarding-schools there are particular days when the children are obliged to eat only lettuce, and Keith Reid's birthday falls on one of these.


Good Captain Clack: the UK single featured a gong beat before the organ solo, which cannot be heard on the album version.


Repent Walpurgis: Matthew Fisher derived the five chords of this masterpiece from a Chiffons number entitled Buggin'.

Clue of the day is here, though we leave you to work out for yourself which of the above questions it relates to

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